Monday, October 20, 2008

.Wasted Hamster.

//picture taken by "MichMyKins"

Monday, 20th October 2008 - A hamster named Hammie was found loitering around the dark alleys of not far away from where the dead cat was found dead beside a pile of shit. Witness said they saw Hammie holding a mug of iced cold Tiger beer. William & Ian, 2 lifetime partners were witness' and was the scene when they saw Hammie downing his beer like a mad man. I mean Hamster. They also said they saw the hamster trying to hump a black bald dog called Netto which is a hundred times it's size. After a few minutes the hamster knocked out.

Vetanariens say that the hamster was being fed with too much beer. The owner of this hamster still haven been contacted. One of the witness said that, that particular hamster looks very alike as one of his other gay friend's hamster name Marcus Ng. Police had yet to contact Marcus as he's currently busy shaving men's butt.

The condition of the hamster is currently known as "he died". This means that the hamster consumed too much of alcohol within a certain period of time. The hamster is now undergoing a mass liver surgery and two brand new balls as both balls we're bitten of by the big black bald dog.

We hope and pray that lil Hammie will be just fine. And Mr. Marcus Ng, when u have the time off your busy men shaving butt job, please do contact RockCandy Daily. Thank you.

Reported by SuAnne for RockCandy Daily


Anonymous said...

you guys are alcoholics!not oni u guys get wasted but ur pets too?tsk tsk.sick ppl!

naveen said...

hehe..pity marcus..and for no reason,netto also kena..big black dog..hahahaha..!!

suanne said...

haha sorry la.i had too.we all kan the one big fucktup famili

Anonymous said...

my hamster never listen to so naughty :) gimme new one

suanne said...

give u new one?!u jaga this one first la.fedding him beer all. tsk tsk.

naveen said... kitten hilat dy..gimme new one please.. :)

suanne said...