Monday, October 13, 2008


SuAnne killed a birdie today :( BIRD KILLER?? >:(
pls attend for the birdie's mass tonight at Suanne's house.Refreshmants will be served


suanne said...

fos.i dint kill it!!

The Awesome Twosome said...

dun lie!

Racheal said...

To sue anne:
it fell down from the sky..dead???

to Mich: Hi, me miss u =)
I miss you too sue anne *muah*

michieeeeeee said...

no, she freaking bang the bird!

miss u too honey :P

djwilltime said...

that is the ugliest bird i've ever seen in my entire life.

mclewis said...

where did u see it? when you took a piss today?

Racheal said...

She freaking bang the bird???
Sue Anne ganas giler!!!
I Laik it !!!