Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who wants to go?

invites you to....

Hotel Equatorial's BBQ drunkerd PARTY!

We provide a beautiful apartment with a beautiful scenery and a huge balcony for your party! We will be BBQ-ing chicken, ham, sausages, CORNS from Cameron and many many more.. yummy!!!!

And if your bored, you can play Golf with this fellow lady......

For any further questions, please leave a comment.Cheers

.for ian&william.

i would just like to say...
i told you so!f*ckaz!

who said he gay?!idiots. that's wentworth miller and long time girlfriend who cares whats her name.

TV’s hottest inmate Wentworth Miller has a new girlfriend named Amie Bice, according to Polish celebrity gossip site Zycie Gwiazd.

The Prison Break hottie went on a romantic dinner date with Amie last Friday in West Hollywood!

Here are the details of Wentworth Miller’s rumored girlfriend, translated from Polish:

Wentworth Miller has always been very discreet and reserved with regard to his personal life. Rumors have even appeared of him being gay. The actor, however, denied it. He does stress all the time that his private life should not concern anyone other than him and his nearest and dearest.

Hence, it was a big sensation when Miller appeared in the company of Amie Bice. The couple went on a date last Friday in west Hollywood. They had a romantic dinner first, then they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house. Amie Bice only left in the early morning.

can you say yummy!

the cutest boy alive

to william with love.
you know no matter how your adorable face changes we still love you. you are truely an amazing person with a face worth a thousand words.

william, have a nice day ;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

what michiekins did last nite

I forced Marcus to watch a movie with me.

A Hindustani Movie


hehehe... It was my 8th time ! hahahah...


Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
dint go out last nite
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
i paksa marcus
michiekins says:
watch with me
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
it was my 8th time
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
hahaha what nonsence.. i hate tamil shows la.. cannot take it.. ytd at the party there.. they played that song nearly 10 times
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
not tamil
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
oh ok anything indian.
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
u never watch b4 dont say anything ok!!
michiekins says:
im part indian also
michiekins says:
i felt offended!
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
haha i have more indian than yu.i dont feel offended haha

you watch out IAN JONATHAN LEWIS!

F.O.S kuasa dua

Thursday, September 25, 2008

R . I . P

I saw a dead mouse on the pavement at Kelana Jaya today. So, readers, please do not bomb our chatbox and please be nice to each other. Life is short.

This message is specially for Mr. William & Mr. Ian

Hopefully you guys have a pleasant day ahead and I guess I will see you guys tonight. Yesterday who DIED after drinking BORNEO ICED TEA? I know Ian did!


Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
ytd that kau pack killed me la
michiekins says:
michiekins says:

Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i went back lie down on the bed everything spinnin hehe
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
how bout susu
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
haha i dunno i think she ok la..
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i sned her home..
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i dunno how i drove home also la

YOUR LAST LINE SCARED ME. So, people... Don't drink and drive... you might end up like the mouse. Think of your love ones. Accidents are inevitable.

I know SUEkins is sleeping soundly in her comfy pink/purple room now which the toilet flush isn't working since i dont know when.... while I'm stuck here in office, hoping for someone to come and ask me out for lunch.

anyone wanna have lunch? sob sob*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.peedee trippin'.

TO : ian.marcus.william.soraya.kingsley.irene.edwin.(and michiekins)
yes i know..took me forever to finally post up this stupid pd trip.i'm busy ok!anyways, here goes..
please dont hurt me if you're not happy with what i've posted. im sorry in advance. NOT!

it was..omg it was so long ago that i forgot the date we went to pd!oh yea now i remember. it was on the 1st of sept. right after merdeka. how could i forget, i was workin! ok nvm not important. eh screw the writings la i know yall wanna see pictures rite. come ahh!!take it!!

it was about an hour and d half drive frm kl to pd. it was a safe journey until that mad man u see up there almost died!with his girlfren in the car. edwin ur mad la. pls la k. think of your love ones.

we stayed in guaman beach resort or somethin like that la. nice place. check out the view. we could see anyone who's naked under the pool from up here. nice.

and then it was time to party at the pool. we're the only fools who brought the whole icebox full of beer down to the pool bar. dont william look so cute! he won an award for this picture. its the picture of the year man. i beg you to plsss!!!click this picture and take a better bigger clearer view of him. haha. i love u will :)

after that we headed over to the beach. but before that the guys were playin football with some randoms. they lost. no surprise :)

"the best thing about watchin this beautiful sunset by the beach : all you need are your friends & BEER"

here comes the fun!

beer. lotsa em' to keep u happy and cheery all nite long. and also to make new friends like desmond and..i forgot his girlfrens name. bet edwin will remember. made for each other.

good times. playing games together. having lunch in a group and definately digging your toes into the sand. creates a healthy friendship. what ship doesnt sink? a FRIENDship. wow!sooooo lame!

food. we love food. and you cannot go to a destination that has a beach and not eat seafood. thats like ordering chicken rice without the chicken. doesnt make sense rite.fool!

massages. relax. unwind. feel the pain. buang angin and jangan malu kentut. chillin. stress free.

and now..the camwhore battle! between the girls & the prettier girls

owh..thats a toughy. very strong battle between the girls & the prettier girls.

but do let me remind you..these "boys" can get pretty nasty.

so here's the thing. they piss any freakin where they want. on the beach, in the pool and worst, in the balcony! they do stupid things like my fren over there sittin on what looks like to be a plastic dick posing with an orgasm face. the other guy looks like he's trying to make the stone bounce on water.tak jadi!and the best is that skinny guy up there trying to lift up some 10kg dumbell. oh men..why dont we get them.

well i guess thats it. PD was fun & everyone had a great time. next destination : LANGKAWI baby! that is IF i survive after this. i know the first person who'll hammer me. heh..hie will :)

a lil message from suanne : hey guys..i love yall too death. pls dont kill me!im just doin this out of fun.and entertainment.it's 3.30 in d morning now & im still up updating this post. jst for yall. appreciate it! u know i dont mean all the mean things i said rite?chill la! xo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.untitled piece of crap.

this is for all you "people" who said that our blog is boring.(you know who you are.)but yes, i do agree our blog is abit dull. but!if you don have a blog you can suck ryan's left nut and make his right nut jealous. nola i'm kidding la! PLUS!like michiekins said, we're in the advertising and design industry. we're busy ppl! there's no such thing as sleep. blog. free time. okla not that bad la but you know what we mean. well here's something to read about.eh..just for yalls information ah..we're not journalist or mass comm ppl k. we're designers. so we cant write for nuts like you words ppl. we visualize. we design. we create. we think. we advertise. we talk cock.

// let's talk...cock!

today is a tuesday. what do ppl do on tuesdays? they wake up. take a shit. some brushes their teeth. some dont. some washes their face. some dont. then they have breakfast. drive to work. punch card. take orders. follow instructions. have lunch in the corner of their desk. watch the clock as time passes by. tick tock tick tock..it's 5 o'clock. take a drive back home. make a pit stop to visit their mothers. get back. reheat lastnite's leftovers. have dinner infront of the television. watch some crappy movie. take a shower. go to bed. and the same thing happens everyday. that is just how life should be. boring. alone. like shit. dont you agree.

** lets talk about something thats more i n t e r e s t i n g

// let's talk...about something.

" ;[in or to a reversed position or direction; "about face"; "brought the ship about"; "suddenly she turned around "
" a thing of some kind; "is there something you want?"

so what do we talk about. how bout nothing? that should be interesting. cause by talking nothing you're also actually talking about something which is nothing and nothing can not necessarily means nothing. it can be something that is nothing. right?..wrong!i know. i have no idea what nonsense i'm saying.or writing. or reading.coz this is an untitled piece of crap!
thanks to you "i think your blog is boring" ppl. get out!

(yala yala i was too lazy to construck this stupid symbol so i stole it from istockphoto la k! not like i commited a crime! shessh!)


i know what we can talk about in the next post.. "hottest male individuals of the year." pls feel free to vote in our gossip girl chatbox. you have 24 hours to do so.what are you waiting for. VOTE now! and stand a chance to win 2 cups full of shit. HURRY! you won't want to miss that.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We love legs, feet, toes and everything in between.hairy, skinny, fatty, inked, botak. LOVE EM ALL! hehe..you know what i mean :P

//picture taken in cameron highlands.guess who's feet belongs to whom//

(ps: this shit is out of boredom!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

i miss you

.Republic FacebookFridays.

Dear Dairy,
I had an awesome nite last Friday the 12th Sept 2008. My friends and I decided to have a couple of drinks in Republic, Sunway. This is how my nite started...

My friends & I obviously cam-whored as usual. With other friends & people we know.

and after that..there was a dance battle. My friend William finally found his match. They look like the perfect couple to be battling each other. Doesn't make sense? Oh what do you know?! You wasn't there. So anyways, back to my nite..

So, as the nite went by, drinks started flowing..people started getting to places I have no idea how to discribe. Ok, maybe not that bad..but hmm..pretty bad. But yea..bla bla bla..beer, tequila, wine, whatever. Same old usual stuff.

Then suddenly one of my friends Michelle..she started kissing this guy name Marcus and this chic name SuAnne. I have no idea why. The whole nite..from that guy..to that girl..and to that guy back again..and to that girl again. I din't get her. Oh whatever. As long as they're happy.

Well, that was basically my nite. I wonder whats instore for me tonite. Since its Friday nite. Talk to you soon then.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

"let- the- pictures -do- the- talking" photoshoot

Location: The Republic Bar
Models: Republic's Ambassadors
( sue kins & michiekins )

Photographer: Abby Tai & Ning Li
Special thanks to Republic/Italiannies Sunway Pyramid,
Marcus Ng, Shri Ganethra, Ruel, Amykins, Iankins, Bartenders

the founders of www.iloverockcandy.blogspot.com