Friday, September 19, 2008

.Republic FacebookFridays.

Dear Dairy,
I had an awesome nite last Friday the 12th Sept 2008. My friends and I decided to have a couple of drinks in Republic, Sunway. This is how my nite started...

My friends & I obviously cam-whored as usual. With other friends & people we know.

and after that..there was a dance battle. My friend William finally found his match. They look like the perfect couple to be battling each other. Doesn't make sense? Oh what do you know?! You wasn't there. So anyways, back to my nite..

So, as the nite went by, drinks started flowing..people started getting to places I have no idea how to discribe. Ok, maybe not that bad..but hmm..pretty bad. But yea..bla bla, tequila, wine, whatever. Same old usual stuff.

Then suddenly one of my friends Michelle..she started kissing this guy name Marcus and this chic name SuAnne. I have no idea why. The whole nite..from that that girl..and to that guy back again..and to that girl again. I din't get her. Oh whatever. As long as they're happy.

Well, that was basically my nite. I wonder whats instore for me tonite. Since its Friday nite. Talk to you soon then.


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Racheal said...

Super pouty lips