Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"candy to make me happy"

//saving stressful sunday for spa//

Tired.Overloaded on work.Stressed out.In physical pain.Sick&Tired of men/boys/whatever.
Runaway!Don't just that shit. You deserve to be pampared. Once in a while. Or. Occationally.
Sundays are meant to be stressed-free.

Girls day out : Sunday 7th Sept 2008 - 7 things.

1.Shopping Theraphy @ Mont Kiara Bazaar.
2.A quick and light lunch at Deli'France in the outdoors with the beautiful wheather.
3.A 30 mins foot deep at Dr.Fish, fish spa.
4.A free 5 min foot scrub massage which work wonders on your disgusting foot.
5.Mani-padi at O.P.I Colour Culture.
6.Watchin the sun set @ Republic Bar with the view of unfortunately not the ocean but a whole load of cars and cO2 filling the entire city. Interesting.
7.Dinner @ South Pacific Seafood Restaurant which open till 3am by the way. And they got Happy Hour for Seafood!haha.How cool is that. Ei they should be paying us for advertising their restaurant here.

So there you have it. 7 stress-free things to do on the 7th, Sunday for 2 stressfull people.
What happens next? Work on a Monday. Don't you just love the weekends. Damn.

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