Thursday, September 25, 2008

R . I . P

I saw a dead mouse on the pavement at Kelana Jaya today. So, readers, please do not bomb our chatbox and please be nice to each other. Life is short.

This message is specially for Mr. William & Mr. Ian

Hopefully you guys have a pleasant day ahead and I guess I will see you guys tonight. Yesterday who DIED after drinking BORNEO ICED TEA? I know Ian did!


Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
ytd that kau pack killed me la
michiekins says:
michiekins says:

Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i went back lie down on the bed everything spinnin hehe
michiekins says:
michiekins says:
how bout susu
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
haha i dunno i think she ok la..
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i sned her home..
Ian Jonathan Lewis says:
i dunno how i drove home also la

YOUR LAST LINE SCARED ME. So, people... Don't drink and drive... you might end up like the mouse. Think of your love ones. Accidents are inevitable.

I know SUEkins is sleeping soundly in her comfy pink/purple room now which the toilet flush isn't working since i dont know when.... while I'm stuck here in office, hoping for someone to come and ask me out for lunch.

anyone wanna have lunch? sob sob*


Yu Mei said...

i agreed with you that life is indeed short.So dun ever take things for granted.

ian said...

ok. no drinking and driving from today!