Thursday, January 22, 2009


hey everyone..
guess whatty?! i'm sure yall have heard little boy ian is turning 22!uh like finally!

look at him acting all cute and all.soooo adorable!

to all the invited guest; please make yourselves available on the 23rd january `09 for ian's drunkard bday celebration at mist club, bangsar 10pm onwards. and the bigger drunkard post bday celebration on the 24th january `09 at blanc le club, heritage row. please call william or andrew netto for more information and also to confirm your attendance. oh and also let them know if you are planning to bring that certain "someone". birthday boy's gonna die before 12am so make sure u come before that or he probly won't remember you being there. it's gonna be awesome but ofcoz not as awesome as my 'all white bukakae party' heh.

anyways!hope so see all you guys down there to watch ian go down down down. holla!
remember guys :

drunkard bday party
23rd january 2009
10pm onwards
mist club, bangsar

drunkard post bday party
24th january 2009
10pm onwards
blanc le club, heritage row

//michelle marcus amy vernon freida & bernard, your attendance are compulsary~
you've got no say!

okay its back to work for me now.boohoo..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

the NAUGHTY babes:P

It was PArtY time again somewhere last two weeks! This time the babes rock MOS POdIUM! HEre are some pictures from various cameras! special thanks to melissa and brigette for the photos! love you all! and thank you to all the hot babes who made it! love love!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

.fullscale newyears.

new years @ mist club, bangsar.

2 hours & 8 bottles before '09.

happy family!

will's last 2 ciggies before the new year starts.wohoo!

welcome '09!
doing it "full scale" style.

faces after 8 bottles.

faces after 10 bottles.

faces after 15 bottles!fullscale!

2 hours after '09 : all died.

c o m i n g s o o n . .
{greg's bday : zeta bar}

dear all,
please find attachment below; the pictures of all the places we've been..taking pictures and gettin faggot pist ass drunk at all these merry places:

marcus' after party party/cousin reunion : hqnine, ttdi plaza

happy birthday marcus! : somo, mont kiara.

party@loft, heritage.

ps: marcus came there half dead

blanc le club grand opening : blanc, heritage kl & after party @ heritage mansion

party @ bar club, heritage kl

c o m i n g s o o n . .

{fullscale on new years}