Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.for my michiekins, with love.

Dear, Michelle
As my bestie, I did this for you. Only coz I love YOU to death. And coz I was f*ckin' bored at work today haha. Anyways, let's start the tears. You were always there for me when I needed you. You lend me your shoulder when there were tears in my eyes. You stood up like a real bitch to fight for me hehe. You hold my hand when I was too drunk to cross the road.You were my 24/7 walking closet when I needed cloths to wear! You are truely a good friend and I thank you for that. Now that you have Marcus, I feel so lost without you! Marcus is a real lucky guy to be having you as a girlfriend. I love you so much! Please cry after reading this, if not I'll give u one kow bitch slap till tears run down your face till next week!haha nola.
Love ya babe. Hope you like it.

By the way, to all of you who are not michelle/michiekins, I'm no lesbian! (jst to be clear, I have nothin against them and I totally support girl on girl sex ;P) I'm just expressing my love to my bitch haha. Bet you still think I'm some lesbian freak who's inlove with her huh. Oh well, I don't mind. I like girls ;P

With Love&Kisses&Hugs,
SuKins xOxo

.nothing to look forward boring.

This is what i did when..there's nothing to look forward too these days!!besides work.How boring.But hey!atleast I did something a lil more meaningful rather then "materialistic" as some say (the previous post). Wanna help make a difference? log on to to get further details and see how you can help make the world a better place.

To all you chickas out there,you are not alone.

With So Much Love&Peace
.the awesome twosome.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.sweet candy.

Dear boyfriend,

If you really love me, this list would do you good. I would love you back. Eventually.

"jimmy choo"

"louis vuitton"


"haute couture"

"victoria's secret team pink collection"

"m.a.c viva glam"


materialistic bitch.

Friday, August 22, 2008

apa khabar kelantan .. OMG! SUANNE?! what r u doing here?

Yes , Su Anne is in Kelantan , Malaysia's most socially conservative Islamic state.

She's there for some work/event (thats what she told me) OR maybe she's there to pinang some GUYS ehhe..
I was so shocked to receive a sms from her telling me that she's on her way to KLIA flying off to kelantan.
SUANNE and KELANTAN = how IRONIC. hehehe . * say hie to the orang asli for me yeah * GRINS *

im wondering how's she surviving over there. last time i heard , girls are not allowed to wear lipstick and heels. SO NOT SUANNE ahhahahaha!

anyways babe. please hide your tattooss!!! or .. jeng jeng jeng!! skeleton and cross summore heheh

and make sure u pakai tudung like me!

I MISS YOU!!!!! better come back soon ok????
much love from bandar sunway!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

happy birthday jasiwasi aka JASIKINS

jasiminne yip


20 august 1986

this picture is taken on august 7th 2005 klcc :) we looked so young!

this what happened after u return from london 2008 , miss chanel bling bling mix with my givenchy and ur big ass H&M glasses ( classic )

P*Nis RULES BIG TIME! my ass.. :P

hey guys, ehhehe... im doing this without su kin's approval but i hope u guys wont be mad at me ok! sayanglah if i never post this ' unforgettable memories ' rite? this round, TITS rules won! ahahahha ! and i stil cant find a picture of ZEB . ( error spelling mistaken from the previous post, its ZEB , not ZAP )

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

.cameron f*king HIGHlands.

"the people"
checklist :
Michelle | check
SuAnne | check
Lina | check
Jasz | check
Soraya |check
Marcus |check
Ian | check
Jordan | check
Ryan | check
William | check
Kingsley | check
Zap | check/sometimes missing
Naveen? | lost/missing/still not found

"the journey"
roads we went tru : subang. mcdonalds drive thru. mich's hs in taiping. long shitty road up the hills. pitt stop for gas on the way up. cameron highlands. equatorial hotel. apartment no.# i forgot.

"the importance of.."
5 crates of beer. 1 tiny bottle of our good friend jack. 1 bottle of baileys. 1 bottle of moet champaign. 1 bottle of coke. 5 packets of ice. 2 ice boxes.

"the happening"
round one : pictionary. round two : taboo. round three : charades. round four : the card game. round five : unavailabe.

"the soberness"
places visited : some chinese restaurant for late lunch. butterfly/cactus/flower/bug farm all in one. strawberry farm. tea at some tea shop. back to KL!

"the summary"
everyone had a good time.everyone was piss drunk. guys were half naked givin lap dances to other guys. girls had to do push ups. mich fell down the stairs. suanne talkin cock and drank half a bottle of baileys off the bottle. soraya can hook both her legs up her head. jasz went to bed at 11 and woke up to party with us back again at 1. lina can draw. jordan's the king or charades. ian & will had beer for breakfast. the rest, we can go on but it will be like writtin an essay. Love Yall!

sukins love michiekins

i'm here!! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

.the all white bukkake party.

It happened on the 26th of July 2008, in Republic Sunway (which you have to go by the way coz it freakin awesome!) celebrating SuKins 22nd Bday Bash. The theme was white OBVIOUSLY since it was called "The All White Bukkake Party". Don't know what's Bukkake?GOOGLEit!So Anyways, the party was one hell of a boozie drunkard shit kickin ass one.And if you were there, you would know what we mean.

Michiekins was the one organizing it, decorating it, advertising it (bitchin' about it in the K.I.N.S term) and basically made all this happen. A special thanks to Marcus who is the GM of Republic (which you have to go again by the way), Ian (who looks like Jesus and somehow works his magic like God too), William (who the party people wouldn't get wasted if he wasn't there) and Bernard & Vernon who gave Sue the diva drag queens as a present and trust us, without those two entertainers who were STRIPPING n giving LAP DANCES to the guys there, the party wouldn't been all that great. And ofcos not forgetting the bday girl who paid for the whole damn thing! So, sounds fun rite? Well that's too bad if u weren't there. Peace.
A lil' msg from me (the bday bitch) : Just wanna say thanks to all you guys who made this bday party an awesome one and to all who came and made my night a night to remember. To those who RSVP'd "Yes, Ill be there" but not show up, go F yourself. Heh'll still be invited for the next. Take care guys, Play safe. Love.


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