Friday, August 22, 2008

apa khabar kelantan .. OMG! SUANNE?! what r u doing here?

Yes , Su Anne is in Kelantan , Malaysia's most socially conservative Islamic state.

She's there for some work/event (thats what she told me) OR maybe she's there to pinang some GUYS ehhe..
I was so shocked to receive a sms from her telling me that she's on her way to KLIA flying off to kelantan.
SUANNE and KELANTAN = how IRONIC. hehehe . * say hie to the orang asli for me yeah * GRINS *

im wondering how's she surviving over there. last time i heard , girls are not allowed to wear lipstick and heels. SO NOT SUANNE ahhahahaha!

anyways babe. please hide your tattooss!!! or .. jeng jeng jeng!! skeleton and cross summore heheh

and make sure u pakai tudung like me!

I MISS YOU!!!!! better come back soon ok????
much love from bandar sunway!


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