Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.for my michiekins, with love.

Dear, Michelle
As my bestie, I did this for you. Only coz I love YOU to death. And coz I was f*ckin' bored at work today haha. Anyways, let's start the tears. You were always there for me when I needed you. You lend me your shoulder when there were tears in my eyes. You stood up like a real bitch to fight for me hehe. You hold my hand when I was too drunk to cross the road.You were my 24/7 walking closet when I needed cloths to wear! You are truely a good friend and I thank you for that. Now that you have Marcus, I feel so lost without you! Marcus is a real lucky guy to be having you as a girlfriend. I love you so much! Please cry after reading this, if not I'll give u one kow bitch slap till tears run down your face till next week!haha nola.
Love ya babe. Hope you like it.

By the way, to all of you who are not michelle/michiekins, I'm no lesbian! (jst to be clear, I have nothin against them and I totally support girl on girl sex ;P) I'm just expressing my love to my bitch haha. Bet you still think I'm some lesbian freak who's inlove with her huh. Oh well, I don't mind. I like girls ;P

With Love&Kisses&Hugs,
SuKins xOxo


astrid said...

hey sue :)

The Awesome Twosome said...

hie babe!! miss yah!

Anonymous said...

michie sure cry,dont worry.
very easy to make her cry.

Anonymous said...

michiekins here , whos that anonymous. whos astrid

Anonymous said...

how can you not know who iam?
but let's just keep it that way ok.

Anonymous said...

ian?????? amy????? hahaha

.jo. said...

yerrr.. update la..
n there's no cbox..cannot chat..cis!!

Anonymous said...

(. )( .) x 2 = (. )( .) (. )( .)


michelle said...

boobies memang ada banyak masa.. cis