Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali from rockcandy

Happy DEEPAVALI ya'll! How's everyone? drunk, i assumed... hahaha . i know William is... :) anyways, hope you guys had a good deevali and ill be seeing you guys this friday! HALLOweeN nite in REPUBLIC! it will also be MArcus's last day, so hope to see you guys there!

ps: william is going to be a scout during halloween :) selling cookies maybe or selling himself.. hmmmmmm? :P

Ill be seeing u guys soon and make sure u guys dress up for the occasion ok... and IAN, u dont have to dress up... just wear ur white robe and come.. people will know who are u ... and naveen, u also dont have to dress up for halloween coz u already look so scary and i know u scared away some childrens also.. maybe ur cat died coz of ur scary face also. The TRUTH will be revealed soon! til then, enjoy the pictures that i took for my deepavali afternoon in one of my mom's friend house. The reason why she knows all this people is because my mom gives ration donation every month to the poor people in the kampung area.

the delicious food! love the tosai and the curry chicken!

mummy looking at the food

found this little bird at the corner of the aunty's house.

me mom, who also loves to dress up! guess its in the genes! ehehe.......

happy deepavali from the awesome twosome suekins and michiekins. posted by michiekins in taiping :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

princess mushy

food of love ( editted post )

the food of love, all done by marcus ng yee soon for michiekins.Actually there are a few more main course but i dont have the pictures.

Anyways, this page is dedicated to Mr.Marcus.. just wanna say thank you for your delicious food, cocktail and love.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

.Oh My bLOG!.

Oh Oh Oh my blog!
This is one super massive long post.
Just a lil words to be read. More pictures to be seen.

First stop || Republic Sunway.

Together with the usual. michie the gets. sukins the crack. william the muscle. ian the legs :P. amy the white. marcus the mich. kingsley the nav and edwin the kuku.

Next stop || "Can I get a YyeAayeRr!" || Lil'Jon @ Mist Bangsar

How was the lil'jon gig? Can't remember. All died way before he came out. Nice.

See that last picture up there. Its not that; that unknown stranger up there's super tall. It's just that the 3 felles infront of him is SHORT!heh nola. That guy is 6'8! Mader! Fuckin tall.

Last Train Home || Republic Sunway. Again.

The nonsense we do. How sad haha.

Oh My Blog is dedicated to all you people up there. I personally just have to give shoutout to our dear friend Naveen. Who couldn't hang chill and get crunk or crump or whatever! with us. Can I get a YEAYERH!. Anyways, Naveen, too bad you missed all the fun. But you know what, we still love yah. Mich and Marcus missed the lil'jon gig as well. So can I get an "OhKaYy!" okla talking cock d. The page just looks so empty without words. Wanna fill it up bit. Getting out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A KNOCK to Remember || Charity Gala Dinner
Organized by Mass Comm Students of Taylor's College, PJ
Date : 19th October 2008
Venue : The Apartment, KLCC
Time : Night Time

We were all there to, support Miss Joanne Clark (my lil sistah) and her whole jim beng crew and most importantly to show our support for the shelter home for children.

"a big shoutout to all the organizers!" from RockCandy.
To all you KNOCKers out there; you guys did an awesome job. Congratulations to all of you and we hope that you guys achived whatever yall were suppose too. We all had fun (mainly coz of...) But anywho, great night again. I'm sure it was a Night to remember for everyone who was there.

Altogether now.

**As always, no matter what the event is..they'll be alcohol gagging down our throats!

// note : terms&conditions stated at the back of the event ticket
  • Term 5. Strictly no alcohol and drugs are allowed to be brought into the event.
Oh well, at the end of the nite, we all had a great time. And a lil more then 7 jugs of boozies.

.Naveen's New Kitty Karat.

Dear Naveen,

Attached above is your new cat name Kitty Karat. We're so sorry for your lost of Kitty Kara. We hope that you will love and appreciate Karat as much as you did Kara.

As for the murderer who fed Kara shit still haven't been found, we do have a few suspects in mind. One of them, a man called William Heng, 21. William is a guy who leaves somewhere in some "so called ghetto area" called Pee Jay. Rumours say he is currently undergoing abdominal and muscle inplants.

And as for the shit that was fed to Kara, forensics did test and they found DNA of a chindian man who also leaves in Pee Jay. He's name is Ian Lewis, 21. And according to his shit DNA, this Ian Lewis person is short. Rumours say that he might be getting a knee surgery to make him a lil' taller.

Anyway, back to Kitty Karat, please do take care of it well. Protect it and make sure none of these sick bastards we've mention will try to feed Karat shit again. For all you know, this time, they'll be feeding Karat shit which are 10 days old filled with alcohol, sotong basi, bebola ayam and kangkung lembik.

How to feed Kitty Kara :
1. Use you mouse or laptop touch pad - right click
2. Choose either to; Play Karat, Feed Karat, Clean Karat's shit or Mate Karat
3. Next, after choosing either one; ex: Feed Karat, you can either choose to feed it milk, biscuits or fish (which you can see above to your most right)

**Please note : If you choose fish, you would have to drag the fish on to the tip of your cat's mouth.

We sure hope those 3 simple steps will help you keep your cat out of hunger.


Monday, October 20, 2008

.Wasted Hamster.

//picture taken by "MichMyKins"

Monday, 20th October 2008 - A hamster named Hammie was found loitering around the dark alleys of not far away from where the dead cat was found dead beside a pile of shit. Witness said they saw Hammie holding a mug of iced cold Tiger beer. William & Ian, 2 lifetime partners were witness' and was the scene when they saw Hammie downing his beer like a mad man. I mean Hamster. They also said they saw the hamster trying to hump a black bald dog called Netto which is a hundred times it's size. After a few minutes the hamster knocked out.

Vetanariens say that the hamster was being fed with too much beer. The owner of this hamster still haven been contacted. One of the witness said that, that particular hamster looks very alike as one of his other gay friend's hamster name Marcus Ng. Police had yet to contact Marcus as he's currently busy shaving men's butt.

The condition of the hamster is currently known as "he died". This means that the hamster consumed too much of alcohol within a certain period of time. The hamster is now undergoing a mass liver surgery and two brand new balls as both balls we're bitten of by the big black bald dog.

We hope and pray that lil Hammie will be just fine. And Mr. Marcus Ng, when u have the time off your busy men shaving butt job, please do contact RockCandy Daily. Thank you.

Reported by SuAnne for RockCandy Daily

.Cat Found Dead Beside Pile Of Shit.

(image 18 years and above)

//picture taken by "The Anonymous" approximately 2 yards away of the incident.

Monday, 20th October 2008 at approximately 1.34pm, a tragedy has occur. Kitty Kara, a cat owned by Naveen The Jack Ass found dead beside a pile of shit in They say this has happened mainly because The Jackass did not feed his cat; that was a gift from he's close friends for his birthday.But after 3minutes of investigation, forensics said that the actual COD (cause of death) was because the cat was being fed with a pile of shit that was really really bad. Forensics also mention and did test that the shit found is Kara's body was shit that was owned by an unknown human being. Apparently that shit was inside that unknown body for 5 days. Results also shown that there were a massive amount of alcohol in the shit pile. CSI (crime scene investigators) traced the shit and it was led to a small pathetic office somewhere in the ulu side of Brickfields.

Police still haven't found the person of such ugly and sick behaving that caused this tragic incident. Naveen The Jackass in the other hand said that he has a few people that he knows that would do such things. "I have a few sick friends who I think would do such action. One of them blackmailed me just a few hours ago saying that after feeding my cat shit, he would do the same to me. And another of my friend told me that he had the best shit ever since 5 days" ,say's The Jackass.

RockCandy Daily will definately keep you updated on this tragic action. We'll keep you updated at all time. Let's all keep our pets in a safe area before this monsters will come get you and your pet with a pile of shit.

Reported by SuAnne for RockCandy Daily

Friday, October 17, 2008


hey hey hey MR MARCUS, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! and here is your gift:) please take care of it :) please treat it with care! dont be like NAV.

kitty kara almost died

nav, please feed your cat meow meow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

.cuti cuti raya.

This post is dedicated to :
the ian, the marcus, the willtime, the kingsley, the soraya, the naveen, the samyutha, the andrew, the zep, the joanne, the cheryl, the irene and the edwin.
The rest : orang orang tak berapa berkenalan || the jeffrey, the jonathan james, the robin, the danielle, the other navein, the rest.
With lotsa big fat meow love, The 2 best people in the world||Michiekins&Suekins :)

Where ma party people at?!

Round 1 : M O S - October 2nd 2008, Thursday.

see all the faces, so fresh and clean.wanna know y?coz all still all haven't meat yet.pants all still on.this is the boring part.minum minum chill chill.

girls all cam whoring.lookin so pweety :)

guys all posing.lookin so hancem :)

now la the drinks start pouring in.from beers to black lables,long island jugs to some cock vodka shots (thanks andrew.good job.)...

this is where the party started!

gambar gamber pemabuk pemabuk sekalian.cantiknya!

..and bla bla bla la.damn lazy write captions all la.the pictures will tell it all.

at the end of the day, all died.but the winner winner chicken dinner for that nite was..MARCUS! second runner up..WILLIAM la siapa lagi.

Round 2 : Vintry. bOorIinGggGg...

buat apa?minum sampai mabuk la apa lagi.

Round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6 : All also mabuk la. boozies to the max. sucha terrible life! no more no more. hello SObER OCtOBER!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

kitty kara!

happy birthday nav nav

here's your present :) from us! please take care of it ok!

that's hot too

that's hot2
it's very hot in taiping

.happy birthday naveen!

8 steps of being "the naveen"

step 1 : flamming
get your friends to buy you a flammin lambogini after you had like 5 cans of Chang shit beer

step 2 : tequila
tell your friends you still can take it and get a tequila shot after the flammin and downing a couple glasses of barcadi apple.neat,on the rocks or with apple juice.the choice is up to you.

step 3 : strippin'
show your moves and body (and that ugly looking tattoo -jst kiddin' :P) to your friends and tell them that "your the man!"

step 4 : bein' gay
its always good to show your buds/hommies that you really love them by being sexually physical with them.they like it.they'll feel appreciated and loved.

step 5 : being' more gay
do it more if you feel like you haven't proven your love to them.again, they like it.

step 6 : mantainin'
take a break by lyin down on a couch with the person you love most.

step 7 : whack
get beaten down by your best mates to make them feel strong and more this case, you mite wanna stay away and make sure there are no "cocks" shoved up your face.unless you like it.

step 8 : happily dying.
you died.

"happy birthday naveen!!
with lotsa lotsa love..all of us."

The Rest...

last but never the least..
a special dedication to :

Kingsley & Naveen (cutest look-a-like couple like..EVA!)

Harold & Kumar