Monday, December 21, 2009

michiekins christmas wishlist 09

was asked by Sukins to come out with a Christmas wish list, so here it is:

one: to be able to see Sukins smile and laugh after what she's been thru this year
two: to be twenty one again
three: to be thankful all the the time and live up to it
four: to go on a holiday again with the same group
five: to be able to go to holiday with sukins
six: to watch malibu grow :)

merry christmas everyone

the one and only michiekins

.suanne's christmas wishlist!.

Hie friends!
It's Christmas time again. A season to be jolly and merry and drunk! And ofcoz, it's also a season of giving :) So, to make your lives easier.
Here's my 2009 Christmas Wishlist!

Let's start with the possible . .

[1] 4 Tier Black Studded MakeUp Box
coz I don't have one :)

[2] Curling Iron
coz I hate my fugly hair.

[3] Charm Cuff Watch in Black.
coz my current watch is spoil!

[4] A fake Chanel T-Shirt.
coz i cant afford the real one. and I like fake stuff?

[5] Rockish studs accessories.
*hint : can be found at Diva / Forever21 / Accessorize.
coz their so me!

[6] OPI / Forever MakeUp Nail Polish!
black | cherry red | fussia pink | metalic blue.
coz my nails are never bare.

[7] Animal Prints Lingerie.
coz it looks hot on Adriana Lima.

[8] Fcking awesome Hot Pink 5" heels! uh! orgasm. :P
coz I love shoes. you know that.

[9] Zebra Print Chair.
coz I like zebra prints.

[10] Thomas Sabo Charms.
Converse Shoes | Bicycle | Guitar | SkateBoard.
coz I'm charm bracelet's kinda empty.
[11] Juicy Couture BlackBerry Casing.
coz their so cute.

[12] Godzillapod.
coz it's so convenient for photo snapping.

[13] Animal Print Edition M.A.C Make-up.
coz I just like the casing.

[14] DKNY Be Delicious Perfume.
coz I'm smelly. and the perfume smells not smelly :P

and now.. my all time 2009 wishlist!
which nobody will get me :(

[15] Paul Smith Limited Edition Fish-Eye lens Lomograph!
coz it's fckin Paul Smith.

[16] Nikon SB 900 Flash.
coz I've got alot of dark friends that needs extra flash. haha! just kidding!

[17] Nikon DSLR Remote Control.
coz I wanna use the 'bulb' mode.
[18] Nikon 18 : 200 mm Lens
coz I wanna take wide angle pictures? duh.

[19] The Diana F+ CMYK Lomograph.
coz it's just plain fckin awesome!

[20] This White Zipper Dress that Megan's wearing.
coz I love Megan.

[21] "A Pin-Up of Megan" Tattoo.
coz I love Megan.

[22] Megan Fox.
coz I love Megan :)

So..Happy Shopping for me everybody. But most importantly,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

But most off all, I just wanna spend Christmas with the people I love. Friends and Family. People I love who will be around and people I love who are no longer around (you will always be remembered) Spending Christmas without the 3 of you will be forever missed. R.i.P.

Guys, enjoy this Christmas Holiday. Eat, drink and be Merry. But don't forget to stay safe on the roads. Love yall!