Wednesday, April 29, 2009

art for sale?

HEY all, sorry for not posting anything new lately.. suekins been busy with her work and she will upload the PD pictures soon! anyways, for today michiekins is selling painting of famous celebs! u can send my request for sizes and pictures! the picture below is Victoria Beckham in A2 size and frame on A1. if anybody is interested, please mail me at IKEA is selling bout rm 346 per pic! try and guess how much im doing this for? i love art! hope u love it too!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

stalker part 2

hehehhe cheeky cheeky brilliant...

here's another great photo of a certain someone whom i stalk since i was 20, im 23 now... ever since my first visit to laundry bar :D yeah

so cute til i wanna wrap you in my roti canai and eat you.

now, i cant believe that he's mine. ironic. dontcha think ? :)

here's a picture of me and that sleeping boy which nav nav took for us during the laundry days...

can u spot marcus's growing belly?

heheh! i love u dear,

your stalker :)
a loyal one.maybe.heh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ever since he bought me that camera..

marcus bought for me a new camera for me 22nd befday.. and i secretly developed this habit. such a terrible habit.but its fun..

little did he knows that whenever he's out working, i'll go to my balcony and STALK people at the swimming pool with my power zoom camera. here are some pictures i took of a handsome young man swimming! he's so

i hope he will not see this post of mine

michiekins saw Rihanna!

OMG! Lucky me!!!

I was cutting my hair in a cut above last week and guess who i saw! Princess RIRI! yes.. apparently she was cutting her hair shorter this time, and she looked so gorgeous.. she was here in malaysia but she couldnt perform because she was ill...

Chris Brown aka wife beater (not the guys singlet, this is actual WIFE BEATER) was no where to be found.. but i heard rumours that he was around... and i also heard he couldnt find his car at the car park and a good samaritan showed him the way to his car. apparently he was driving his 350z. heard he had coffee with riri's manager and a stranger whom dosent want her name to be posted in this very blog.....




OH its' just SUKINS
Happy April fools! LAME.. I KNOW. :D

thank you actresses and actors..

chris brown=ian jonathan lewis hamilton
riri's manager= amy aka yoko ono
danker as himself
stranger=still unknown