Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last nite...

we all stayed at sukin's loft!!!!!

last saturday i went FULL SCALE

yes yes we went full scale last saturday at loft celebrating denise and dista's birthday! portugese won. second place goes to scotland. third place was cina and last was melayu hehehehe...this are all the people im currently working with. its like a family here ;) the hue people - drunkard moment shit
the camwhoresss

bin bin effect

scottish kalah to portugese that nite tapi menang cina and melayu

nas was the earlist to tumbang

the flamming with a hint of blacklabel!@ im so gonna kill CK

so cute!

they are not gay and they are available

more drunk peeps

the golden girls

the current and ex art director

calling all indon chics!
alan and MY fizah
all alone at the corner

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas party in taiping : location kat michiekins house and the cemetery!

hey all, merry belated x mas and happy welcoming 2009!

Here's a glimpse of what happened in taiping when michiekins is back. For sukins side, i think she will also post her x mas pictures real soon! for this xmas i was so happy to be able to get away from the harsh city of kl and to be in the place where people bet on rains, yes.. taiping people are weird.. and so am i ahha! but i do love kl and i love love my city life! but deep down taiping is always the best place for a gate away! no traffic jam, my familys there, the lake gardens,cousins , hometowns frens and of course my mom's new car is there! ahahah not forgetting my dogs as well... this x mas was special because not only marcus made it to taiping, my cousin sheena was there too with her bf david ( thank you for the red and white ) and also my high skol fren ming siew!

below are some horrible yet wonderful x mas pictures that we took in my house ... and my dad was shocked that we actually finished two bottle of wine.. but he didnt know that we had couple of beers later on and another bottle of wine again heheh all thanks to sukins whom trained me how to drink like a fishy! its not a bad thing ill say, im not an alcoholic... i dont get drunk !i just get tipsy enuff and most people always prefer to talked to me when im tipsy coz im more open! mostly im sober ( u can ask my drinking buddies ) hahha ok enuff of that. now the pictures! some may look like im a alco. but i wasnt drunk at all :) cemetry! with my prince charming

taiping posers are awesome!

we miss u jillian and lina! wish u were here

outside my house where the smokers gathers

webcaming lina and my ass

oh special preview:) my bomb hair and glasses are classic!

michiekins said:where's sukins???

was about to jump

checking out her boobs

in my room toilet

merry x mas

ming siew trying to kiss me

taiping's angel????

Saturday, December 20, 2008

moving forward..|a special dedication|

//save a snowman. save the world.
its the holidays.our favourite time of the year.but guys, let's chill out this christmas. spend less, eat more, make love not war. lets try not kill too many turkeys this time of the year.lets give the snowmans alil longer to live. with global warming and terrorism these days, snowmans will have a shorter lifespend.! some probly wont even exist!c'mon man.lets all enjoy this holidays together. give everyone/everything a chance.and i just realize i'm actually cocking about a snowman!whats wrong with me?! but its true.anyways, this christmas will be an awesome one. spending this holidays with new friends we love.and most of all, our first christmas with our love ones :)

//a special dedication
guys, we've been spending a shit load of time together going out on trips, experiencing new things, going for gigs and shit, getting drunk together; vomiting all over the place, head left infront the roadsides of republic, having a dog together!, making heartshape toast for that special someone in bed :) sweetness! and lastly spending alot of money on each other.but it was all worth it. michelle and i would just like to say that after a rough year of 2007 with all the "uh DRAMA!" we went thru, we're very happy to be spending our holidays with all of you (you know who you are). not only our holidays but we hope all our 2009 will not only bring us closer as friends but to love and appreciate each other more. wow..getting all emotional haha. so to all our party people out there; ian marcus william kingsley naveen zeb stan ryan bernard vernon (which we miss so much) andrew jeff irene edwin john sam sandra greg soraya and many many more that i've missed out, we love you. and we're really glad we've met you guys and for the pass mid 2008 that we've grew closer, we hope 2009 will bring us even closer. we love you guys so much and thanks a fuckin bunch for everything. after the tons of laughter, billion litres of alcohol, few drops of tears, scandals lies drama and secrets; it was all good. no regrets what so ever. and we also would like to apologize if we said or did anything to hurt any of you. (which i doubt cause we dint do shit!haha jk) ok im goin on and on..i shall stop here before kingsley or naveen start to cry. closing : lets enjoy the rest of the year together!have fun and drink till we "died". holla!
wow..i went from a snowman dying to a dedication to all of you.i'm suchasweetsoul!

ya i know..its the same picture coz i'm using ian's cock laptop.heh nola!nice laptop :)

//also not forgetting..
the people we grew up with:
amy the white. we really hope to be spending time with you this christmas and new years. i know i've been really busy lately; we haven been chillin out together but this christmas, ill be here!and you're following me to jue's :)
jaszy wazzy!we're so glad that you're back for the holidays.and we're still waiting for our petpet checkup!(sorry ah guys..inside joke)
terri berri!it was really nice seeing you last nite after sooooo long. missed you alot and yes, we'll be at bamboo9 on the 27th :)
kelly tai ka cher..hmm..i just know you got yourself a new LV bag haha.hope your doing ok and we hope to see you real soon :)
as for the rest; my lovely crayzee ass cousins & sistah, we'll be yam seng-ing this new years till 2999!haha love yall.
to mich's family lina cavin nixon; you should be proud of mich.she's doin greally well.and gonna get married in 2011!tell you
to everybody in memories and hue visual lab, we love you guys and thanks for everything.

//everybody else we still love!
rachel vincent andrew haniz and gang, jue kinghan nelvie wenghon and gang, harris ted po weini and gang, although we havent been chilling out for quite awhile, we just wanna let yall know we still love you guys.miss yall too!and lastly..

merry christmas or happy hanukkah to all of you!we love you guys!

tons of xOxo this christmas
suanne & michelle

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sorry peeps.

dear readers, so sorry for not updating anything :) but dont worry, hopefully suanne will upload marcus's befday pictures soon since she will be free soon :) and i need to buy a camera! ada sponsor kuat? hehehhe rm 10 from each reader can ar?

heheh... here's a few updates that been going on..

1. sukins is busy working her ass off and WILL NOT SPEND xmas and chinese new year wit US.
2. michiekins will be working along the whole december and will be back to taiping on the 24 til
25 only.hopefully amykins will follow her.
3. amykins might follow michiekins to taiping. shes busy watching chinese drama crying
4. jasikins is BACK TO MALAYSIA. welcome home.
5.terrikins is stil missing as usual.
6.kellykins got herself a new LV handbag.
7.marcus is fatter
8.Ian should be in pantene commercials. he's busy working as well in opis...
7.william is in love with a girl.. ( im stil trying to figure out who)
8.Naveen is er.. lost.( stil not found since cameron highlands )
9.kingsly is also no where to be found.
10.YOU guys OWE me ( michiekins ) money for the BBQ!!! HELLO???i nak kutip hutang!
11.We should party soon. please.
12.Merry Christmas from rockcandy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

need people

Hey all, Hue Visual Lab is currently looking for full time producers, compositors , animators and multimedia designers. Those interested, please email us at . For more information, you can also visit our website at You will be working under this big boss, Joey Khor.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i'm tired!

**to be continued...(when i'm fully awake)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.in your face!you you and YOU!.

hey you!
so yall think our blog is boring la!fine!take this!its for all of you.all you ppl who have been "supporting" our blog.this is for YOU!(you know who you are)

.Malaysia's Ad of The Year.
still under construction.wait wait.coming to you soon.

if money looked like that, everyone would be broke.u know y?coz they rather spend their money then to be keeping money that look like that!

boooriinggg....(ryan you slut!i miss u)

another ad of the year?seriously..?damn..

kingsley u notty notty boy!

jeff?seriously?no comment.

The Awesome Twosome in this month's Blogger of the year issue - VOGUE magazine. terra nye!

edwin was cought by the cops because he did not clean underneath the fridge. poorthing.

oh!perfect picture la.

naveen gonna kena from sam after she see's this picture.haha.

coffee&tv&hot chick.i mean chickS.

only at the non-existing art gallery guys.check it out today!

ad for guy humping.

we miss all of you!!

front page : boyfriend cheated on girlfriend with another guy.

that's hot.

that's hotter.


also, only at the non-existing art gallery.check it out tommorrow!

this two felles must be some pretty hot guys.picture all over hot.only..NOT.


yeahh!!malaysia boleh!pertandingan angkat kawan berat jalan kaki ke taiping.

ahh...saving the best for last. a picture worth one word - NICE :)

all this and more..only at
this one confirm gonna be all over facebook.