Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas party in taiping : location kat michiekins house and the cemetery!

hey all, merry belated x mas and happy welcoming 2009!

Here's a glimpse of what happened in taiping when michiekins is back. For sukins side, i think she will also post her x mas pictures real soon! for this xmas i was so happy to be able to get away from the harsh city of kl and to be in the place where people bet on rains, yes.. taiping people are weird.. and so am i ahha! but i do love kl and i love love my city life! but deep down taiping is always the best place for a gate away! no traffic jam, my familys there, the lake gardens,cousins , hometowns frens and of course my mom's new car is there! ahahah not forgetting my dogs as well... this x mas was special because not only marcus made it to taiping, my cousin sheena was there too with her bf david ( thank you for the red and white ) and also my high skol fren ming siew!

below are some horrible yet wonderful x mas pictures that we took in my house ... and my dad was shocked that we actually finished two bottle of wine.. but he didnt know that we had couple of beers later on and another bottle of wine again heheh all thanks to sukins whom trained me how to drink like a fishy! its not a bad thing ill say, im not an alcoholic... i dont get drunk !i just get tipsy enuff and most people always prefer to talked to me when im tipsy coz im more open! mostly im sober ( u can ask my drinking buddies ) hahha ok enuff of that. now the pictures! some may look like im a alco. but i wasnt drunk at all :) cemetry! with my prince charming

taiping posers are awesome!

we miss u jillian and lina! wish u were here

outside my house where the smokers gathers

webcaming lina and my ass

oh special preview:) my bomb hair and glasses are classic!

michiekins said:where's sukins???

was about to jump

checking out her boobs

in my room toilet

merry x mas

ming siew trying to kiss me

taiping's angel????


Racheal said...

U look super tipsy wei!!! =P

michiekins said...

no la not drunk at all@ just too happy!!!!!!!!!!!