Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last saturday i went FULL SCALE

yes yes we went full scale last saturday at loft celebrating denise and dista's birthday! portugese won. second place goes to scotland. third place was cina and last was melayu hehehehe...this are all the people im currently working with. its like a family here ;) the hue people - drunkard moment shit
the camwhoresss

bin bin effect

scottish kalah to portugese that nite tapi menang cina and melayu

nas was the earlist to tumbang

the flamming with a hint of blacklabel!@ im so gonna kill CK

so cute!

they are not gay and they are available

more drunk peeps

the golden girls

the current and ex art director

calling all indon chics!
alan and MY fizah
all alone at the corner


iamLOCKSIN said...

i want those pictures!!!:D

Fizah Rahim said...

i have those pictures. i shared already in office. ask kai take home XD LOL