Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sorry peeps.

dear readers, so sorry for not updating anything :) but dont worry, hopefully suanne will upload marcus's befday pictures soon since she will be free soon :) and i need to buy a camera! ada sponsor kuat? hehehhe rm 10 from each reader can ar?

heheh... here's a few updates that been going on..

1. sukins is busy working her ass off and WILL NOT SPEND xmas and chinese new year wit US.
2. michiekins will be working along the whole december and will be back to taiping on the 24 til
25 only.hopefully amykins will follow her.
3. amykins might follow michiekins to taiping. shes busy watching chinese drama crying
4. jasikins is BACK TO MALAYSIA. welcome home.
5.terrikins is stil missing as usual.
6.kellykins got herself a new LV handbag.
7.marcus is fatter
8.Ian should be in pantene commercials. he's busy working as well in opis...
7.william is in love with a girl.. ( im stil trying to figure out who)
8.Naveen is er.. lost.( stil not found since cameron highlands )
9.kingsly is also no where to be found.
10.YOU guys OWE me ( michiekins ) money for the BBQ!!! HELLO???i nak kutip hutang!
11.We should party soon. please.
12.Merry Christmas from rockcandy!

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