Monday, December 21, 2009

michiekins christmas wishlist 09

was asked by Sukins to come out with a Christmas wish list, so here it is:

one: to be able to see Sukins smile and laugh after what she's been thru this year
two: to be twenty one again
three: to be thankful all the the time and live up to it
four: to go on a holiday again with the same group
five: to be able to go to holiday with sukins
six: to watch malibu grow :)

merry christmas everyone

the one and only michiekins

.suanne's christmas wishlist!.

Hie friends!
It's Christmas time again. A season to be jolly and merry and drunk! And ofcoz, it's also a season of giving :) So, to make your lives easier.
Here's my 2009 Christmas Wishlist!

Let's start with the possible . .

[1] 4 Tier Black Studded MakeUp Box
coz I don't have one :)

[2] Curling Iron
coz I hate my fugly hair.

[3] Charm Cuff Watch in Black.
coz my current watch is spoil!

[4] A fake Chanel T-Shirt.
coz i cant afford the real one. and I like fake stuff?

[5] Rockish studs accessories.
*hint : can be found at Diva / Forever21 / Accessorize.
coz their so me!

[6] OPI / Forever MakeUp Nail Polish!
black | cherry red | fussia pink | metalic blue.
coz my nails are never bare.

[7] Animal Prints Lingerie.
coz it looks hot on Adriana Lima.

[8] Fcking awesome Hot Pink 5" heels! uh! orgasm. :P
coz I love shoes. you know that.

[9] Zebra Print Chair.
coz I like zebra prints.

[10] Thomas Sabo Charms.
Converse Shoes | Bicycle | Guitar | SkateBoard.
coz I'm charm bracelet's kinda empty.
[11] Juicy Couture BlackBerry Casing.
coz their so cute.

[12] Godzillapod.
coz it's so convenient for photo snapping.

[13] Animal Print Edition M.A.C Make-up.
coz I just like the casing.

[14] DKNY Be Delicious Perfume.
coz I'm smelly. and the perfume smells not smelly :P

and now.. my all time 2009 wishlist!
which nobody will get me :(

[15] Paul Smith Limited Edition Fish-Eye lens Lomograph!
coz it's fckin Paul Smith.

[16] Nikon SB 900 Flash.
coz I've got alot of dark friends that needs extra flash. haha! just kidding!

[17] Nikon DSLR Remote Control.
coz I wanna use the 'bulb' mode.
[18] Nikon 18 : 200 mm Lens
coz I wanna take wide angle pictures? duh.

[19] The Diana F+ CMYK Lomograph.
coz it's just plain fckin awesome!

[20] This White Zipper Dress that Megan's wearing.
coz I love Megan.

[21] "A Pin-Up of Megan" Tattoo.
coz I love Megan.

[22] Megan Fox.
coz I love Megan :)

So..Happy Shopping for me everybody. But most importantly,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

But most off all, I just wanna spend Christmas with the people I love. Friends and Family. People I love who will be around and people I love who are no longer around (you will always be remembered) Spending Christmas without the 3 of you will be forever missed. R.i.P.

Guys, enjoy this Christmas Holiday. Eat, drink and be Merry. But don't forget to stay safe on the roads. Love yall!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


right now...

somebody save me.
i don't care how you do it
just save me!

//get me out of that shithole.

posted by : suanne

Friday, September 25, 2009

i gotta feeling..that tonite's gonna be a...

are you at the authur's day event rite now watching the  black eyed peas perform?

f*ck that shit man. but BEP nice. good music.

lekka lekka, bukit bintang or perhaps the library, cineleisure. much better. (never been there. but heard its quite good. like the live band and all.) time to find out.

the best part is we get to spend it with the one and only..jasiminne. its not everyday you get a crazy fun hot ass chic to hang out with rite? love.

*pavilion tmr chicka mondos. fun! let's hope amy will feel better by then to join us. ya amy? get well soon ok. stop being such a pussy (= college love guys. college love.

ok time to put on my face now. laters.

--awww...look at the picture that mich uploaded just now..look so young and pweety. now all hot but ugly!heh nola just kidding man.