Friday, September 25, 2009

i gotta feeling..that tonite's gonna be a...

are you at the authur's day event rite now watching the  black eyed peas perform?

f*ck that shit man. but BEP nice. good music.

lekka lekka, bukit bintang or perhaps the library, cineleisure. much better. (never been there. but heard its quite good. like the live band and all.) time to find out.

the best part is we get to spend it with the one and only..jasiminne. its not everyday you get a crazy fun hot ass chic to hang out with rite? love.

*pavilion tmr chicka mondos. fun! let's hope amy will feel better by then to join us. ya amy? get well soon ok. stop being such a pussy (= college love guys. college love.

ok time to put on my face now. laters.

--awww...look at the picture that mich uploaded just now..look so young and pweety. now all hot but ugly!heh nola just kidding man.


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