Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.WIP with the one & only..

crazy.beautiful.kuku in the

meeting point at casa d' michelle at 1800 hours on the 18th of october 2009.

never leave home without your face!

facebook is jaszzy's life. wonder why...

camwhoring madness




no no..not drunk. just having fun.

college love.
good times. good fun. good company. good food. awesome drinks. much love.

*miss amy

it was really nice seeing you jasz. we missed u so much. we had such a good time with u that nite. although the nite dint turn out that well at the end of the i repeated nite so many times.heh. but most importantly it was really good hanging with the mad person such as yourself and we cant wait to see you back here you sooooo much!! xx