Thursday, September 24, 2009


. / / / r a n d o m e r l i z a t i o n i s t / / / .
what the fck is that word?

hello everybody.
i love rock candy has been revamp. kinda. here and there.
will you guys come visit more often??
we promise we'll update more often. maybe like once every two fcking months?
whatever.bye friends.

i'm so bored i'm gonna translate that whole paragraph up there in bahasa.

hai semua badan.
saya cinta batu gula-gula sudah di tukar? sikit-a. sini dan sana.
adakah kamu lelaki datang singgah lebih banyak?
kita sumpah kita akan atas-tarikh lebih banyak. mungkin macam sekali setiap dua melakui benda tidak senonoh bulan?
apa apa saja. bai kawan kawan.

oh megan!
ok this is damn random but megan fox is seriously damn fcking hot that i have to bold her name and colour it red! i swear she can turn the straightest girl on earth into a lesbian. so if anyone of you out there think u look a lil or alot like megan, please do contact me. not because i'm interested (coz i only am if you really are megan herself) but its for some single guy friends i have who are just so tired of using their right/left hand. it's ok guys. hang in there (= noo im just kidding. its a working day tmr and its already 12.17 in the morning. im tired but i cannot sleep. that's the suckiest feeling ever.

stop here please!

i'm going.

and i'm gone.
goodnite everybody!

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