Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i'm tired!

**to be continued...(when i'm fully awake)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.in your face!you you and YOU!.

hey you!
so yall think our blog is boring la!fine!take this!its for all of you.all you ppl who have been "supporting" our blog.this is for YOU!(you know who you are)

.Malaysia's Ad of The Year.
still under construction.wait wait.coming to you soon.

if money looked like that, everyone would be broke.u know y?coz they rather spend their money then to be keeping money that look like that!

boooriinggg....(ryan you slut!i miss u)

another ad of the year?seriously..?damn..

kingsley u notty notty boy!

jeff?seriously?no comment.

The Awesome Twosome in this month's Blogger of the year issue - VOGUE magazine. terra nye!

edwin was cought by the cops because he did not clean underneath the fridge. poorthing.

oh!perfect picture la.

naveen gonna kena from sam after she see's this picture.haha.

coffee&tv&hot chick.i mean chickS.

only at the non-existing art gallery guys.check it out today!

ad for guy humping.

we miss all of you!!

front page : boyfriend cheated on girlfriend with another guy.

that's hot.

that's hotter.


also, only at the non-existing art gallery.check it out tommorrow!

this two felles must be some pretty hot guys.picture all over hot.only..NOT.


yeahh!!malaysia boleh!pertandingan angkat kawan berat jalan kaki ke taiping.

ahh...saving the best for last. a picture worth one word - NICE :)

all this and more..only at
this one confirm gonna be all over facebook.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

.ke ray si.

dier reeders.
wee ar sosososorrei sosososorrei wee hawen bin updetting auwer blok. wee haf bin rilli bizi do wing auwer oon ting. batt wee trulee hop u all wil kip on reeding all dis non sens wee rite on dis blok. for ex zam pel dis sheet we ritting now. if u ting is hadder tu reed, tras mi its ewen mo hadder to rite okei. wee wil trai tu updet auwer blok fo you gais sun. til den tek kare ann pelay sef.

ex oh ex oh
.de o sem tu sem.

**dis sheet wos ritten bai su ann acelli. shee is creyzi.

we would also like to take the time to "holla!" at our bestie amy the whitey.
amy.if you are reading this,which you obviously are.BODOH.mich and i just wanna say that we miss you alot and where have you been bitch!anyways, you know whatever the situation of your !@#$%^&* is, we'll always be here for you.maybe not me la coz you know im like so fuckin'll be very lucky if i can make it to wherever you are.coz im a busy person make sure u appreciate d seconds with me.i don come cheap.HAH.k just joking.anyways again, we really hope to see you soon k.and for your sake since i love u too much, i will not put up your picture big big here in our blog.but im not sure if mich would.too bad!laters.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

.happy belated halloween!.

... || SuKins&MichieKins presents || ...

... || halloween @ republic || ...

date | 31st October 2008
venue | Rumah Hantu Republic
time | nite time

we think that republic did a very good job decorating the place. well done guys!

the nite of terror begins here. hahahaha!**evil laugh. omg so

abi looked like he got walked under a bus and got hit by a train.

the hot / scary / dunno wat couple. soooo cute makes me wanna barf!

lil' jon orange killed the retartded bunny?

samurai man with his sword & the retarded bunny

the hantu . the goth . the retarded . the pimp yo!

need i say anything?no right.good.

nerd cute!

nerd boy after 10 jugs of beer.kena slash by samurai man.

nerd boy and ... ? who ?

pumpkin!hand carved by the one and only shri.

blood crying gay boy & the retarded bunny under the orange sky

geisha & goth ?


cam-whoring as usual.what's new.nothing.

sooooo stuupid

i see bloody people.


look closer.

Happy Halloween guys. Sorry it look us so long to post this up. Pictures all need special effects to make it look more "scary?". **ps: i love you guys.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bebe event.

Here are some pictures of the bebe event in one u last nite. We were late for one hour :P the dress code was 'midas goddes' so everyone have to wear something gold, if you know the king midas story you will know what it meant.

Me and Bri arrived at 8 and the fashion show was running at the moment.Everyone dressed really beautiful and classy i would say. Most of them, wearing the gold colour :)

I met with jeen and some babes from tongue in chic as well. Overall, the event was a success and you should see all the ladies running and grabbing the goodie bags! like wild animals!

Anyways, it was bebe autum/winter collection and i would say the design were gold and in silky satin.They had like a store wide 15 % discount! you should see how many ladies lining up to try the clothes.

Me and Bri are featured in! They just asked us bout the clothes that we were wearing for the night.

Thanks to Jeen for her RM 200 voucher, i bought myself something ( there goes my money! )

After the event, we went to pyramid winter warmers to chill as it was my second time there. Love their iced rose tea very much:)Highly recommended to all my dear drunkards out there!