Tuesday, November 4, 2008

.ladies nite out?.

So it goes like this, sukins, michiekins & amykins we're suppose to have a chillout girls nite on some friday afew weeks back because we were so sick of dicks around us all the time.so we went to laundry. ordered a tower of long island and a couple glasses of bailey's. as usual, we drank. we gossiped. we bitched. and we ended up getting kinda high after that. so where did we hit next? where else but republic - where all the guys were (go figure). and knowing them, when we got there, they we're pretty messed up too. and what happened next?see for yourselves!all you mad fuckers.

.amykins.sukins.michiekins. ||kononya ladies nite la rite..||

.finally!a group fuckin picture.but where's edwin?.

.1 venue . 10 people . 1000 pictures . i don't even wanna know how much alcohol.

.hey everybody!.

.hey everybodo!.

.saving the best for last. || 3 pictures worth 3thousand words || beauty.

ps:the reason i put a water mark of our blog's site is because of ppl like naveen. stealing my work of art. so atleast now, even if u steal it, ur facebook buds won't think you did these work of art :)

. .. e n d of p a g e // e v e n t o n e . moving o n .. .


**captions will be edited later guys. damn sleepy now.after i talk cock all. to be continued...
(or do i even needa write captions ah?look at the pictures la!i've got no words!nothing!its empty.)


-S- said...

pls leave your comments in d comment box.i would love to read what you guys got to say :)


Ian said...

wah william, damn buff ah! but ill finish you la anytime!

djwilltime said...

irritate ah ian. Just so you know, i'm not done with myself yet. I'll finish you first. Life is not that bad after all. I love you guys.

-S- said...

we love u too!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D