Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.in your face!you you and YOU!.

hey you!
so yall think our blog is boring la!fine!take this!its for all of you.all you ppl who have been "supporting" our blog.this is for YOU!(you know who you are)

.Malaysia's Ad of The Year.
still under construction.wait wait.coming to you soon.

if money looked like that, everyone would be broke.u know y?coz they rather spend their money then to be keeping money that look like that!

boooriinggg....(ryan you slut!i miss u)

another ad of the year?seriously..?damn..

kingsley u notty notty boy!

jeff?seriously?no comment.

The Awesome Twosome in this month's Blogger of the year issue - VOGUE magazine. terra nye!

edwin was cought by the cops because he did not clean underneath the fridge. poorthing.

oh!perfect picture la.

naveen gonna kena from sam after she see's this picture.haha.

coffee&tv&hot chick.i mean chickS.

only at the non-existing art gallery guys.check it out today!

ad for guy humping.

we miss all of you!!

front page : boyfriend cheated on girlfriend with another guy.

that's hot.

that's hotter.


also, only at the non-existing art gallery.check it out tommorrow!

this two felles must be some pretty hot guys.picture all over girls.so hot.only..NOT.


yeahh!!malaysia boleh!pertandingan angkat kawan berat jalan kaki ke taiping.

ahh...saving the best for last. a picture worth one word - NICE :)

all this and more..only at iloverockcandy.blogspot.com
this one confirm gonna be all over facebook.


Samyutha said...

hahaha.. no la..naveen is not gona kena from Sammy. I like that pic actually ;) but KINGsley one is the best, MUST admit la.
xoxoxoxo -Samyutha

Anonymous said...

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