Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bebe event.

Here are some pictures of the bebe event in one u last nite. We were late for one hour :P the dress code was 'midas goddes' so everyone have to wear something gold, if you know the king midas story you will know what it meant.

Me and Bri arrived at 8 and the fashion show was running at the moment.Everyone dressed really beautiful and classy i would say. Most of them, wearing the gold colour :)

I met with jeen and some babes from tongue in chic as well. Overall, the event was a success and you should see all the ladies running and grabbing the goodie bags! like wild animals!

Anyways, it was bebe autum/winter collection and i would say the design were gold and in silky satin.They had like a store wide 15 % discount! you should see how many ladies lining up to try the clothes.

Me and Bri are featured in! They just asked us bout the clothes that we were wearing for the night.

Thanks to Jeen for her RM 200 voucher, i bought myself something ( there goes my money! )

After the event, we went to pyramid winter warmers to chill as it was my second time there. Love their iced rose tea very much:)Highly recommended to all my dear drunkards out there!

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