Thursday, November 6, 2008

.happy belated halloween!.

... || SuKins&MichieKins presents || ...

... || halloween @ republic || ...

date | 31st October 2008
venue | Rumah Hantu Republic
time | nite time

we think that republic did a very good job decorating the place. well done guys!

the nite of terror begins here. hahahaha!**evil laugh. omg so

abi looked like he got walked under a bus and got hit by a train.

the hot / scary / dunno wat couple. soooo cute makes me wanna barf!

lil' jon orange killed the retartded bunny?

samurai man with his sword & the retarded bunny

the hantu . the goth . the retarded . the pimp yo!

need i say anything?no right.good.

nerd cute!

nerd boy after 10 jugs of beer.kena slash by samurai man.

nerd boy and ... ? who ?

pumpkin!hand carved by the one and only shri.

blood crying gay boy & the retarded bunny under the orange sky

geisha & goth ?


cam-whoring as usual.what's new.nothing.

sooooo stuupid

i see bloody people.


look closer.

Happy Halloween guys. Sorry it look us so long to post this up. Pictures all need special effects to make it look more "scary?". **ps: i love you guys.

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