Saturday, August 22, 2009


pre birthday full scale party @ mist, bangsar : 31st july 2009

massive shots.i likeeeee...

drunk boys. which one do you want?

sex on the beach shots for the ladies.

best friends fo-eva!like wat-eva! i love this picture. that's hot.

this is a picture of michelle before 3 glasses of black.

this is a picture of michelle after 3 glasses of black.

amy & willy boy. so cute cute!

for sale.
name: amy yong foo nee.
age: 23 (2009)
sex: 24/7 anytime.anywhere.
designation: hardcore sucka! (so hardcore that she's actually suckin her finger) wohoo. that's hot!

face of ian after 100 glasses of black.

dancing king & queen.

i love all of you :)

oh amy..can i just smack that fine ass of yours.geram!


damn..who's that hottie.

soooo hawt..the girl.

pre-pre birthday party? @ twenty-one / gypsy bar : 1st july 2009

jeffo pulling off the michael. hee hee!


birthday countdown @ WIP, bangsar : 3rd august 2009

1st flamming with kevin.

second flamming with ian.

12am. officially 23!

the birthday cheers.

the birthday cake (cup cakes) thanks mich & amy. love youuuuuuuu. and you.

thanks everyone for coming. i had a really good nite. good drunk nite.

the 5sec. for the bottle. thanks marcus. i died.

the birthday song.

the birthday gift. a thomas sabo lipstick charm from all the boys. thanks guys.

the rest.

the...i don't know. whatever.

the marcus. the pemabuk.

the people i love so much.

the colleagues.

the lerrrvvee of my life. hee hee!

the sister. love ya.

thanks guys for all this. i had a great 3 nites. all died. but it was good :)

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