Wednesday, October 15, 2008

.happy birthday naveen!

8 steps of being "the naveen"

step 1 : flamming
get your friends to buy you a flammin lambogini after you had like 5 cans of Chang shit beer

step 2 : tequila
tell your friends you still can take it and get a tequila shot after the flammin and downing a couple glasses of barcadi apple.neat,on the rocks or with apple juice.the choice is up to you.

step 3 : strippin'
show your moves and body (and that ugly looking tattoo -jst kiddin' :P) to your friends and tell them that "your the man!"

step 4 : bein' gay
its always good to show your buds/hommies that you really love them by being sexually physical with them.they like it.they'll feel appreciated and loved.

step 5 : being' more gay
do it more if you feel like you haven't proven your love to them.again, they like it.

step 6 : mantainin'
take a break by lyin down on a couch with the person you love most.

step 7 : whack
get beaten down by your best mates to make them feel strong and more this case, you mite wanna stay away and make sure there are no "cocks" shoved up your face.unless you like it.

step 8 : happily dying.
you died.

"happy birthday naveen!!
with lotsa lotsa love..all of us."

The Rest...

last but never the least..
a special dedication to :

Kingsley & Naveen (cutest look-a-like couple like..EVA!)

Harold & Kumar


Anonymous said...

kingsley n naveen really look like harold and kumar. good job.

Anonymous said...

i dont wanna be naveen... he weird!

nonyour said...

mabukz dot comz!

naveen said...

shut it..!!

suanne said... said...

who u asking shut it?!u watch it ah..i kill u!

naveen said...

who else..ian la..!!