Monday, October 20, 2008

.Cat Found Dead Beside Pile Of Shit.

(image 18 years and above)

//picture taken by "The Anonymous" approximately 2 yards away of the incident.

Monday, 20th October 2008 at approximately 1.34pm, a tragedy has occur. Kitty Kara, a cat owned by Naveen The Jack Ass found dead beside a pile of shit in They say this has happened mainly because The Jackass did not feed his cat; that was a gift from he's close friends for his birthday.But after 3minutes of investigation, forensics said that the actual COD (cause of death) was because the cat was being fed with a pile of shit that was really really bad. Forensics also mention and did test that the shit found is Kara's body was shit that was owned by an unknown human being. Apparently that shit was inside that unknown body for 5 days. Results also shown that there were a massive amount of alcohol in the shit pile. CSI (crime scene investigators) traced the shit and it was led to a small pathetic office somewhere in the ulu side of Brickfields.

Police still haven't found the person of such ugly and sick behaving that caused this tragic incident. Naveen The Jackass in the other hand said that he has a few people that he knows that would do such things. "I have a few sick friends who I think would do such action. One of them blackmailed me just a few hours ago saying that after feeding my cat shit, he would do the same to me. And another of my friend told me that he had the best shit ever since 5 days" ,say's The Jackass.

RockCandy Daily will definately keep you updated on this tragic action. We'll keep you updated at all time. Let's all keep our pets in a safe area before this monsters will come get you and your pet with a pile of shit.

Reported by SuAnne for RockCandy Daily


Anonymous said...

hahahahah funny shit!

The Awesome Twosome said...

RIP lil Kitty Kara

naveen said...

hahaha but yeah it was funny..hehe..

Anonymous said...

funny makan chatni ah!

ian said...

whats so funny?how stupid u that very funny?!

ian said...

whats so funny?how stupid u that very funny?!