Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali from rockcandy

Happy DEEPAVALI ya'll! How's everyone? drunk, i assumed... hahaha . i know William is... :) anyways, hope you guys had a good deevali and ill be seeing you guys this friday! HALLOweeN nite in REPUBLIC! it will also be MArcus's last day, so hope to see you guys there!

ps: william is going to be a scout during halloween :) selling cookies maybe or selling himself.. hmmmmmm? :P

Ill be seeing u guys soon and make sure u guys dress up for the occasion ok... and IAN, u dont have to dress up... just wear ur white robe and come.. people will know who are u ... and naveen, u also dont have to dress up for halloween coz u already look so scary and i know u scared away some childrens also.. maybe ur cat died coz of ur scary face also. The TRUTH will be revealed soon! til then, enjoy the pictures that i took for my deepavali afternoon in one of my mom's friend house. The reason why she knows all this people is because my mom gives ration donation every month to the poor people in the kampung area.

the delicious food! love the tosai and the curry chicken!

mummy looking at the food

found this little bird at the corner of the aunty's house.

me mom, who also loves to dress up! guess its in the genes! ehehe.......

happy deepavali from the awesome twosome suekins and michiekins. posted by michiekins in taiping :)

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