Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A KNOCK to Remember || Charity Gala Dinner
Organized by Mass Comm Students of Taylor's College, PJ
Date : 19th October 2008
Venue : The Apartment, KLCC
Time : Night Time

We were all there to, support Miss Joanne Clark (my lil sistah) and her whole jim beng crew and most importantly to show our support for the shelter home for children.

"a big shoutout to all the organizers!" from RockCandy.
To all you KNOCKers out there; you guys did an awesome job. Congratulations to all of you and we hope that you guys achived whatever yall were suppose too. We all had fun (mainly coz of...) But anywho, great night again. I'm sure it was a Night to remember for everyone who was there.

Altogether now.

**As always, no matter what the event is..they'll be alcohol gagging down our throats!

// note : terms&conditions stated at the back of the event ticket
  • Term 5. Strictly no alcohol and drugs are allowed to be brought into the event.
Oh well, at the end of the nite, we all had a great time. And a lil more then 7 jugs of boozies.