Thursday, October 16, 2008

.cuti cuti raya.

This post is dedicated to :
the ian, the marcus, the willtime, the kingsley, the soraya, the naveen, the samyutha, the andrew, the zep, the joanne, the cheryl, the irene and the edwin.
The rest : orang orang tak berapa berkenalan || the jeffrey, the jonathan james, the robin, the danielle, the other navein, the rest.
With lotsa big fat meow love, The 2 best people in the world||Michiekins&Suekins :)

Where ma party people at?!

Round 1 : M O S - October 2nd 2008, Thursday.

see all the faces, so fresh and clean.wanna know y?coz all still all haven't meat yet.pants all still on.this is the boring part.minum minum chill chill.

girls all cam whoring.lookin so pweety :)

guys all posing.lookin so hancem :)

now la the drinks start pouring in.from beers to black lables,long island jugs to some cock vodka shots (thanks andrew.good job.)...

this is where the party started!

gambar gamber pemabuk pemabuk sekalian.cantiknya!

..and bla bla bla la.damn lazy write captions all la.the pictures will tell it all.

at the end of the day, all died.but the winner winner chicken dinner for that nite was..MARCUS! second runner up..WILLIAM la siapa lagi.

Round 2 : Vintry. bOorIinGggGg...

buat apa?minum sampai mabuk la apa lagi.

Round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6 : All also mabuk la. boozies to the max. sucha terrible life! no more no more. hello SObER OCtOBER!


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we yam seng at republic rite? were u there?

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