Thursday, August 21, 2008

P*Nis RULES BIG TIME! my ass.. :P

hey guys, ehhehe... im doing this without su kin's approval but i hope u guys wont be mad at me ok! sayanglah if i never post this ' unforgettable memories ' rite? this round, TITS rules won! ahahahha ! and i stil cant find a picture of ZEB . ( error spelling mistaken from the previous post, its ZEB , not ZAP )


jasiminne*anorexic penguin said...

cocks are lame. tits rule, ok!

The Awesome Twosome said...

ahhaha yeah! morning love. wanna teman me to lim kok wing?

Joshie said...

very awesome :)

those compromising images have been distributed to the following important people:


so we can have a good laugh at Jordiekin's expense.

michelle said...

josh wong? is that you??? haha

Anonymous said...

that's joshiekins to you, ok!