Tuesday, August 19, 2008

.cameron f*king HIGHlands.

"the people"
checklist :
Michelle | check
SuAnne | check
Lina | check
Jasz | check
Soraya |check
Marcus |check
Ian | check
Jordan | check
Ryan | check
William | check
Kingsley | check
Zap | check/sometimes missing
Naveen? | lost/missing/still not found

"the journey"
roads we went tru : subang. mcdonalds drive thru. mich's hs in taiping. long shitty road up the hills. pitt stop for gas on the way up. cameron highlands. equatorial hotel. apartment no.# i forgot.

"the importance of.."
5 crates of beer. 1 tiny bottle of our good friend jack. 1 bottle of baileys. 1 bottle of moet champaign. 1 bottle of coke. 5 packets of ice. 2 ice boxes.

"the happening"
round one : pictionary. round two : taboo. round three : charades. round four : the card game. round five : unavailabe.

"the soberness"
places visited : some chinese restaurant for late lunch. butterfly/cactus/flower/bug farm all in one. strawberry farm. tea at some tea shop. back to KL!

"the summary"
everyone had a good time.everyone was piss drunk. guys were half naked givin lap dances to other guys. girls had to do push ups. mich fell down the stairs. suanne talkin cock and drank half a bottle of baileys off the bottle. soraya can hook both her legs up her head. jasz went to bed at 11 and woke up to party with us back again at 1. lina can draw. jordan's the king or charades. ian & will had beer for breakfast. the rest, we can go on but it will be like writtin an essay. Love Yall!

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michelle said...

good post! love the dita von tesse picture! and u should put the drunkard pictures. Coz i post it on facebook as well ahahhahahahah