Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.untitled piece of crap.

this is for all you "people" who said that our blog is boring.(you know who you are.)but yes, i do agree our blog is abit dull. but!if you don have a blog you can suck ryan's left nut and make his right nut jealous. nola i'm kidding la! PLUS!like michiekins said, we're in the advertising and design industry. we're busy ppl! there's no such thing as sleep. blog. free time. okla not that bad la but you know what we mean. well here's something to read about.eh..just for yalls information ah..we're not journalist or mass comm ppl k. we're designers. so we cant write for nuts like you words ppl. we visualize. we design. we create. we think. we advertise. we talk cock.

// let's talk...cock!

today is a tuesday. what do ppl do on tuesdays? they wake up. take a shit. some brushes their teeth. some dont. some washes their face. some dont. then they have breakfast. drive to work. punch card. take orders. follow instructions. have lunch in the corner of their desk. watch the clock as time passes by. tick tock tick tock..it's 5 o'clock. take a drive back home. make a pit stop to visit their mothers. get back. reheat lastnite's leftovers. have dinner infront of the television. watch some crappy movie. take a shower. go to bed. and the same thing happens everyday. that is just how life should be. boring. alone. like shit. dont you agree.

** lets talk about something thats more i n t e r e s t i n g

// let's talk...about something.

" ;[in or to a reversed position or direction; "about face"; "brought the ship about"; "suddenly she turned around "
" a thing of some kind; "is there something you want?"

so what do we talk about. how bout nothing? that should be interesting. cause by talking nothing you're also actually talking about something which is nothing and nothing can not necessarily means nothing. it can be something that is nothing. right?..wrong!i know. i have no idea what nonsense i'm saying.or writing. or reading.coz this is an untitled piece of crap!
thanks to you "i think your blog is boring" ppl. get out!

(yala yala i was too lazy to construck this stupid symbol so i stole it from istockphoto la k! not like i commited a crime! shessh!)


i know what we can talk about in the next post.. "hottest male individuals of the year." pls feel free to vote in our gossip girl chatbox. you have 24 hours to do so.what are you waiting for. VOTE now! and stand a chance to win 2 cups full of shit. HURRY! you won't want to miss that.


Anonymous said...

so angry!!

michelle said...

this must be amykins

Anonymous said...

michelle ooi!
u associate me with being angry izit?
simply acuse me.


suanne said...

that was ian la. u kena con. but i oso would have tawt it was amy hahah!