Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.peedee trippin'.

TO : ian.marcus.william.soraya.kingsley.irene.edwin.(and michiekins)
yes i know..took me forever to finally post up this stupid pd trip.i'm busy ok!anyways, here goes..
please dont hurt me if you're not happy with what i've posted. im sorry in advance. NOT!

it was..omg it was so long ago that i forgot the date we went to pd!oh yea now i remember. it was on the 1st of sept. right after merdeka. how could i forget, i was workin! ok nvm not important. eh screw the writings la i know yall wanna see pictures rite. come ahh!!take it!!

it was about an hour and d half drive frm kl to pd. it was a safe journey until that mad man u see up there almost died!with his girlfren in the car. edwin ur mad la. pls la k. think of your love ones.

we stayed in guaman beach resort or somethin like that la. nice place. check out the view. we could see anyone who's naked under the pool from up here. nice.

and then it was time to party at the pool. we're the only fools who brought the whole icebox full of beer down to the pool bar. dont william look so cute! he won an award for this picture. its the picture of the year man. i beg you to plsss!!!click this picture and take a better bigger clearer view of him. haha. i love u will :)

after that we headed over to the beach. but before that the guys were playin football with some randoms. they lost. no surprise :)

"the best thing about watchin this beautiful sunset by the beach : all you need are your friends & BEER"

here comes the fun!

beer. lotsa em' to keep u happy and cheery all nite long. and also to make new friends like desmond and..i forgot his girlfrens name. bet edwin will remember. made for each other.

good times. playing games together. having lunch in a group and definately digging your toes into the sand. creates a healthy friendship. what ship doesnt sink? a FRIENDship. wow!sooooo lame!

food. we love food. and you cannot go to a destination that has a beach and not eat seafood. thats like ordering chicken rice without the chicken. doesnt make sense rite.fool!

massages. relax. unwind. feel the pain. buang angin and jangan malu kentut. chillin. stress free.

and now..the camwhore battle! between the girls & the prettier girls

owh..thats a toughy. very strong battle between the girls & the prettier girls.

but do let me remind you..these "boys" can get pretty nasty.

so here's the thing. they piss any freakin where they want. on the beach, in the pool and worst, in the balcony! they do stupid things like my fren over there sittin on what looks like to be a plastic dick posing with an orgasm face. the other guy looks like he's trying to make the stone bounce on water.tak jadi!and the best is that skinny guy up there trying to lift up some 10kg dumbell. oh men..why dont we get them.

well i guess thats it. PD was fun & everyone had a great time. next destination : LANGKAWI baby! that is IF i survive after this. i know the first person who'll hammer me. heh..hie will :)

a lil message from suanne : hey guys..i love yall too death. pls dont kill me!im just doin this out of fun.and's 3.30 in d morning now & im still up updating this post. jst for yall. appreciate it! u know i dont mean all the mean things i said rite?chill la! xo.

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