Tuesday, September 30, 2008

.for ian&william.

i would just like to say...
i told you so!f*ckaz!

who said he gay?!idiots. that's wentworth miller and long time girlfriend who cares whats her name.

TV’s hottest inmate Wentworth Miller has a new girlfriend named Amie Bice, according to Polish celebrity gossip site Zycie Gwiazd.

The Prison Break hottie went on a romantic dinner date with Amie last Friday in West Hollywood!

Here are the details of Wentworth Miller’s rumored girlfriend, translated from Polish:

Wentworth Miller has always been very discreet and reserved with regard to his personal life. Rumors have even appeared of him being gay. The actor, however, denied it. He does stress all the time that his private life should not concern anyone other than him and his nearest and dearest.

Hence, it was a big sensation when Miller appeared in the company of Amie Bice. The couple went on a date last Friday in west Hollywood. They had a romantic dinner first, then they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house. Amie Bice only left in the early morning.

can you say yummy!


The Awesome Twosome said...

gRrrrrr!!loves it.

Anonymous said...

yummy, hell ya.