Sunday, September 14, 2008

"let- the- pictures -do- the- talking" photoshoot

Location: The Republic Bar
Models: Republic's Ambassadors
( sue kins & michiekins )

Photographer: Abby Tai & Ning Li
Special thanks to Republic/Italiannies Sunway Pyramid,
Marcus Ng, Shri Ganethra, Ruel, Amykins, Iankins, Bartenders

the founders of


jasiminne*anorexic penguin said...

stunners! :D

The Awesome Twosome said...

thanks babe!
mish u mish u!!

Anonymous said...

jas,comment on on their post pls.
su keep asking me to comment.

from amy!

suanne said...

idiot la you amy!tell la the whole world i ask you!fool!fos.feddup.get out.

jeen said...

nice pix! :D let's have coffee again michelle!

michelle said...

okjeen! come find me in bukit damansara! and thanks for viewing my blog

Racheal said...

One sweet candy another rock candy!
Love the pics babes!! =)

Anonymous said...

nice. are both models?

michelle said...

not really models. more like talents. for models, you must have a certain height. for talents, they just need ur face :)

Anonymous said...

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