Friday, February 13, 2009

.what's my age again?.

Hello everybody!

michiekins all up and ready for her 23rd birthday party

As yall know or don't know, today, the 13th of Febuary is our very own rockcandylicious founder/co-founder of iloverockcandy, Michiekin's birthday! Happy Birthday babe!! So obviously there'll be a party. BUT I'm sorry to say on behalf of Michelle, these parties that will be held from today till sunday will only be for invited guest only due to personal and confidential reasons. Sorry! Too bad. Your lost! haha nola. So for those who are invited, (you know who you are) these are the vanues and timing incase you're confuse or whatever.

Friday, 13th Febuary 2009
Republic, Sunway Pyramid
9.30pm onwards
Dresscode theme : hmmm..i'm not too sure myself.

Oh wait, let me check..

. s u a n n e . says:
today dress theme is wat?

michiekins says:
how nice
michiekins says:
michiekins says:

. s u a n n e . says:
o ok

michiekins says:
i am screwsd
michiekins says:
anything nice in pimid?

. s u a n n e . says:
i dint go pimid heh
. s u a n n e . says:
no need wear dress la
. s u a n n e . says:
no need where anythin

So I'm guessing lookin at the conversation, we dont have a dresscode for tonite? oh well..

Saturday, 14th Febuary 2009
(yea yea valentines day..whatever)
Mist Club, Bangsar or Velvet Zouk (tbc)
10pm onwards
Dresscode theme : get ready to go FULLSCALE! that means you too amy yong foo nee.

Sunday, 15th Febuary 2009
(CLOSE for family&close friends only)

Somo, Mont Kiara
9pm onwards
Dresscode theme : Moet&Chandon (if that even make any sense)

So see yall later tonite. You dont wanna miss seeing Michelle go down down down. She can be pretty funny when she's drunk. Or even when high for say. GoodLuck Marcus! You died. And by d way Mich, today you got no say at all. If you are told to drink, you drink! It's not everyday you turn 23! Drinks will be gaggin' down your throat for sure so be ready. No excuses like "I dint eat the whole day" or "my parents are around" or "not today la babe, I dont feel like drinkin" and cock I wanna hear. I know you too well. So William, you're with me. We gotta bring this biatch down hommie! Marcus, you chill out and drink together. Just whole her hair up if she decides to bend over and know. Naveen, you just shut. You owe her a moet. Izzit? I dont know. Amy, hello :) Ian darling, oh ya. You dont read this blog no more. Okay guys, see yall later. Mich said dont be late. I think coz she cant wait to go down fast haha.

**ps : mich is expecting presents. she loves shoes bags rose wine and has a big fertish with hairbands i dont know why. but if your lookin at a lower budget, daisies will do haha!

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