Tuesday, February 3, 2009

michiekins 25 random stuff

1. randomness is my middle name. aku burung, di dalam sangkar

2. i am a complete paradox type of person ( who else knows bout this? pm me )

3. i can read people's handwriting to tell what type of person you are

4. i love looking at chics more than hunks

5. i am not an alcoholic,seriously. i drink occasionally and normally when i feel like going full scale, there will always be a camera following me.

6. i dont have a camera :)

7. fizah thinks im a bitch ( she sits beside me in office and i still love you eventho u think im a bitch )

8. joey khor is afraid of me

9. ckawaii-chan hates me hahahaha

10. im not sure who loves me

11. i am afraid of the dark

12. recently, i start reading the bible everytime when i wake up

13. i am listening to crimson and clover by joan jett and the blackhearts right now

14. i dont drink coffee

15. i am not malay! * stares at joey *

16. small things makes me happy :D

17. my husband has a new wife and she's hot

18. i only wear all black if im feeling down or depressed, ando likes to copy my style :P

19. i need ear plugs ( can someone buy for me ? my birthday is in 10 days time )

20. i hate lion dance, more like afraid of it, thank God CNY is over

21. i want to play with snow in london with linakins

22. i cant wear my skinny jeans anymore

23. i gain 5.5kg while dating marcus for half a year fuck!

24. i think my malay is better than my manglish, i dont speak english.

25. i want a double storey condominium with high windows and big curtains and a nice bed and maybe a toilet with a big fountain with it. with a chanel bag in my closet and maybe the pink gucci bag also..hmm
and maybe marbel floor? white high ceiling with black furniture and red carpet and a walk in closet and a 32' tv and and and a vase of white roses from china on the table plus plus plus my family having fun in my house playing pictionary, the huey outside my balcony playing cards and my friends chilling in my toilet cause it's really big :D

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