Tuesday, February 3, 2009

.sukin's 25(&counting) randoms.

1. my neck hurts so badly right now. tired, i am.

2. im only doin this because i was forced by michiekins. (she told me not to tell, she said she'll slam my head on her big ass bathroom floor:( )

3. ill be away in sabah from the 5th to the 9th. oh stop missing me already!

4. i just purchase a coach op art julianne bag online that cost rm1299. wohoo!! wait..what am i thinking?!

5. i will post up all my CNY pics when i have the time.
6. huh? alcohol? y? wat about it?

7. i just took a shit this morning. it was awesome.

8. i just found out that one of my fren who is also my frens fren is now currently dating a fren of mine that is a fren of my fren too :D

9. i like trees.
10. i like big trees. and the sun. and the moon. and the animals. and the ocean. and..teletubbies?
11. i think leaves are such beautiful creations.

12. designs are peanuts. huh??

13. have i reached number 25 yet?

14. i wanna go to africa tmr.

15. is it okay if i dont care about what u think of me?
16. im only at number 16?!?!

17. hmm..i wonder how's amy.

18. i love

19. i think im feeling kinda hungry. "kak!maggi mee satu!"

20. oh fuck i just remembered ive got a meeting to attend to at 3. dammit.
21. i wanna watch harry porter later. with my sisi. and my doggie. and my mummy.
22. note to self : go to the gym before thursday.

23. urrghh reach 25 dammit!

24. hey..how you doin'?

25. oh hot damn..this is ma jam...

26. tat reminds me..william darling! thanks for the christmas gift. totally forgot. i like it. thanks handsome. xx.

27. whoops 27...terlajak.

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FreidaLinz said...

hehe since u did the 25 go do the songs Q on my page hehe


lorvee ya!!