Monday, February 16, 2009


hello again everybody!
Mich & I have been very busy lately therefore our blog is just so full of empty shit. So i took some time out of my "uh!so like totally busy schedule" to update this bloggie woggie just for you guys!hehe. whatever.

Our very own special 5 birthday crashers for the month of January & Febuary.
Happy Birthday Yall! xoxo.

check out the pictures i took. cool eh :P these are what all 5 birthdays had in common.

flamming lambogini. always a must for the birthday person.

birthday kisses!
arvin for greg. stephanie for jeff. william for ian. grace for jeremy. me for michie!

more alcohol ofcoz. down that shit man. all died!

question : which would you prefer to do after getting alil drunk?

i choose a!

birthday flavoured drinks
. . . .

HappyBirthday Michelle! @ Republic, Sunway : Febuary 13th `09

you go girlfriend~ i'm so proud of you hah!

so cuteee..! (blueks!haha nola)

mich & big bwader cavin

and as the night went on...

birthday girl died!

dunno what all she doing

crasy ger!
. . . .

Happy Birthday Jeremy! @ MistClub, Bangsar : Febuary 1st `09

that's the way man!wohoo!

cousins! all cousins!

mabuk clan #1 in the family

. . . .

HappyBirthday Ian! @ Mambo, Zouk KL : January 24th `09

look at ian and william!memang best friends haha!

i dont know what's with vernon's face with the bottle up there.but its funny.

BirthdayCountdown @ MistClub, Bangsar : January 22nd `09

and as the night goes on..bla bla bla

3 drunkards la man

the whole jimbang. crasy people.
. . . .

HappyBirthday Jeff! @ MistClub, Bangsar : January 9th `09


24 shots of dunno what cock shots

and the night goes on yet again..

. . . .

HappyBirthday Greg! @ ZetaBar, KL Hilton : January 3rd `09

. . . .

Penutup rangka isi : bila sudah hari jadi kanak-kanak, jagalah pemabukan anda. jangan minum terlalu banyak kalau tak boleh minum. nanti mabuk, susah. ingatlah kanak-kanak, bila sudah minum, jangan memandu kereta pulak. eksiden nanti mampus! gunalah drebar. lebih selamat.
sekian terima kasih.

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