Friday, February 27, 2009

.rockcandy gives back.

hey all.

it's a new year and i think it's finally time for us to start thinking about others besides ourselves. i'm planning a trip to P.A.W.S (Paws Animal Welfare Society) this coming mid march (on a saturday). PAWS currently homes 450 cats and dogs. they only have a number of full-time staff and volunteers who comes from time to time. so lets get off our asses; stop bumming and start living. lets all go over help this beautiful people clean some shit, wash kennels and the best of all, bathe them dogs! it will be fun! and your doing something for others instead of yourselves. that is like the best feeling in the world. i really hope i get a good response to this coz its really for a good course. so pls let me know if you're interested so that i can make arrangements with the PAWS management. i will be posting the confirmation on the date and time after i get replies from YOU! i also am planning to make a donation of cat and dog food as they are very important duh! so please feel free to cheap-in whatever amount you wish to cheap-in for the cats and dogs. but you are always welcome to get other things like this :

PAWS doggie wish list :-
cash donations /
newspapers / pet toys / petmilk powder / old towels /

Volunteers are welcome ANYTIME. the more the merrier. PAWS is open from daily from monday to friday 9am-4pm (except wednesdays) and also on weekends 9am-4am incase you decide to form a group of your own to visit. for more details, you are only one click away :

these strays deserves to be loved as much as your pets too! adopt one today.


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