Wednesday, February 4, 2009


this is post is specially dedicated to megat harris!

told you i got 10thousands pictures of you.dint expect this huh?!haha.

hey! i just wanna say, you've been a really good friend to me. more like the 'kinda best friend' i never had before (but ofcoz i still love you my michiekins ;P). now that you're leavin to new zeland, i just wanna take this opputunity to wish you all the best and you can do it!i'm really glad that you're doing this. you've wanted this since we left college and im really proud and happy that you're finally doing wat u wanna do. its been a long time since we've actually hung out i know BUT the memories still remains :) im really very happy for you. although i have to admit, im gonna miss you so much!to know the fact that you're no longer living in subang but 10thousand miles away, its kinda sad!
anyways, im not gettin all emotional and all but all the shit that we had before, firstly i wanna apologize. shit happens. and i dint mean what you thought i meant a decade under the influence haha. make no sense but u know the drill. kinda hard to write it out on a public blog where no one actually reads haha. but i never regreted (if thats even a word) being close and all with you. u mean alot to me harris!!as good frens ofcoz. and im really gonna miss you. i just hope after everything, you still see me as me. you take care okay!! and make sure you call me when u come back. oh by the way,i know you wanna keep your tbs shirt, BUT!! it means alot to know the fact that you actually thought of giving it to me before you leave haha. really!
ok i think ill stop here. again, i wanna say good luck and all the best. you'll do well. i know you will. your marker visual : fuh! top knotch!hahaha.kla man, take care k and dont forget to have fun!pet some sheeps for me haha. cross my heart and hope too, ill c you thrusday before you leave.

ps: you know whats the perfect song for you now? taking back sunday - go on :D haha!

xx. and much. suanne

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