Monday, February 2, 2009

happy niu year in michiekins house

cow or ox? sama? confused. but nevermind. cow cuter.

Ola~ sorry for not updating for quite sometime, the awesome twosome kinda busy with the new year! gong xi fa cai and im glad it's finally over. no more TONG TONG TONG TONG CHIANG SONG in the shopping mall and no more LION dance, yes , me is afraid of it, especially the lion dance! anyways, Brigette, ZEb and Marcus was in my hometown during cny! we all had fun! ate so much! now i damn fat ade plus with my sudden breakout again! must be the curry and late night! so sad T_T !! here are some pictures that i took from sheena and jilly's camera during the michiekins open house! ( was expecting 15 ppl ) but my bro's friend banjir-ed our house! summore not enuff beers :D have to go and buy and stil sempat to take bri and zeb to taman eliathamby to see pondon. we went two rounds summore hahaha.overall it was fun and meriah coz damn alot of people came :D

david playing hide and seek with sheena
my group of love ones
the 1985 people, can you spot ming siew's bf?
mom and aunty penny playing blackjack
david with his weird hair do :P and bri bri with marcus
outside at the garden, we camwhore
playing firecrackers to lit up my house
the orange people challenging each other with neat rum
pink - ? - orange
wasnt drunk that nite, was too busy managing! lol
during the first day of cny! played poker
hahaha the girls trying to act cute
another camwhore session
I was so sleeeeeeeeeeepy!
sheena and jilly got attracted to my house pole
awww. so adorable!!
me and my cousin
playing firecrackers from KLANG( i know wut su is thinking ahha)
first day with a very close friend of mine!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------director's cut


ming siew said...

spotting my bf is nt necessary babe!!!no more bf kay....i want a new one!!!for real....INTRO INTRO!!!

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