Monday, June 8, 2009

.happy birthday rash/lenny/william!.

dear readers/photo stealers.
in this post, you will notice that there are not many words written because i'm just so feddup of writting and typing and thinking! and i'm also so feddup of rearranging the pictures nicely because it takes alot of my ever so precious time.haha nola. but anyways, i'm gonna stop typing now. later!

Selamat Hari Jadi Tan Sri Dato Sri Dr. Rash.
.twentyone/gypsy bar.

this was on a monday night fyi. crazy. horny ian's face. haha!

cash to open 6 bottles of black label.

party fuuull scale!

william's new "i'm an innocent boy" look. aiiiyooo...soo hancem!

Happy Birthday Lenny!
.Velvet, Zouk.

nigel's new hair cut. that's hot. haha

naveen?is that you?

lipstick? jon wore some too.

zouk's killer VIP long island tea. all died after 2 jugs.

Happy Birthday William!
.Mambo, Zouk.

this was william's face before 12am. can u imagine how it was like after 1am?

the come backs of michiekins and marcus. after so long!

how men are so passionate with their bottles.


william's tai ka che melissa. so hawt.

the whole bunch and more.

birthday boy!xoxo

marcus muka mantain.

shh...secret. COCK!

hahah check out ian's post.

soraya! its been a long time..

William's Post ChillOut Bday @ The Newly Renovated Republic Sexy Cocktail Bar
(sucha long the title)

oooi!stupid cameraman cut off my face!cis!

heh..lazy to turn the pic to the right way.

william's been a naughty naughty boy!

republic's new mini indoor bar. nice ah?okla..quite nice.

DJ usual.

thats all. bye. getout. suckla better.


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