Monday, June 29, 2009

.eye candy!.

rock candy gives back...
eye candy!
tv's most hottest men of today.

can you say..yummmmy..!

young. hot. sexy. talented. rich.
every girl wants one. every boy wants to be one.

Chace Crowford aka Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

Wenworth Miller aka Micheal Scoldfield in Prison Break

Pen Badgley aka Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl

Seth Gable aka Jeremy Darling in Dirty Sexy Money

Sebastian Stan aka Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl

Adam Brody aka Seth Cohen in The O.C

Zachary Quinto aka Sylar in Heroes

Milo Ventimiglia aka Peter Petrelli in Heroes

Dustin Milligan aka Ethan Ward in Beverly Hills 90210

Chad Micheal Murray aka Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill

Taylor Handley aka Oliver Trask in The O.C

Robert Buckley aka Kirby Atwood in Lipstick Jungle

. . c o m i n g s o o n . .
TV Most Sexiest Women

**im so bored. i'm doing this during working hours haha!sHhh...

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