Wednesday, April 28, 2010

we love each other

we are high! but we still love each otherrrrr!!!!

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nike said...

N years not to write things,custom made prom dresses, want to write, suddenly find no way to write from. Way back before the depression of Literature ... young ....

hey .... sigh. But do not do small youth depression literature has been half a year. Now, I really very good very good!

Sometimes I think that happened half a year really ruthless wonderful.

Gong total went to Shenzhen, to start a food and clothing need not worry of project supervision, of course, experience the legendary pushing violence pay talks event.

President Jiang still mad crazy in the second half. End of the year award more than me .. and the bride a digit, seemingly also picked up a bao. Legendary flight attendant is not the same,cheap wedding dresses 2010, the total direct Chiang pulled GSTAR gross level of almost equal the total!

five for me ... Want Want Group 忽悠 into the water every day, almost to the Pacific was planning.

owner of this half year gross tough sideline two main hand side. I admire the most is that he can eat the old A K.

food to kill the boss is not coming back erupted. . .

boss boss and Liu Yuan .... small small white-collar unemployed young people become unemployed recently and from a small youth directly into CEO WANG a
Liu Yuan from the unemployed and from small youth to the old profession dawdle. South muddle along on such a good ah! Academic corruption is too serious.

I sold a small house, small car crash. Everything went back to the origin of fresh graduates. Haha! In fact, I can live with a little scratchy.

you do not,cheap evening dresses, there is love there is pain in life. . . . .

fact that you knew how students live and easy, but easy life is not easy!