Saturday, May 30, 2009

.PeeDee FULLL Scale!!.

Hello again everybody. I know its been awhile since either one of us has updated this blog u guys call “boring” or “the shittiest blog ever” but yet yall still come visit like everyday :). But anyways, that’s beside the point. The point is..I have pictures. Pictures of some massive, full scale, different level shit. And so the story goes…
The Trip.
Ilham Resort & Bla Bla Bla, Port Dickson.
It's some massive 2 story apartment with 4 rooms and 4 baths. Pool with slides and most importantly a bar! Nice.
The Reason.
To celebrate our dear friend's 22nd fullscale mabuk keling bday party. Andrew Netto that is. Planned & organized & hmm..partially him. Thanks alot darling.
The People.
---names are invalid at the moment for security purposes---
The Journey.
4 cars.
10 people.
a shit loada beer. the fresh new 350z.
The PitStop.
Location : Under a tree somewhere after the Pd tol.
The Reason : Beer Re-fill.
Weather : A 100degress.
The Arrival.
Time : 4.30pm
Level of alcohol dosage from KL-PD : 30%
Solution : Drink somemore.
The Recipe.
To be waking up with a massive hangover. Like you'd rather leave your head under a bus and make it just run over your brains then waking up this way. wow..
10crates of beer (of any choice), 5 bottles of Swirnoff Vodka, a bottle of wiskey (of your choice), a touch of Jagermeifter and a mixer of your choice.
**For more kick to it, add in some ash from your ciggie and mix it with the bud. By doing so, you are now mixing your special recipe "The Jeffrey Style".
Warning! This recipe is only available for children above the age of 21.
The Effect : 
(for your eyes only)
The First day.
What you see is what happened.
1. Naveen getting whacked by Sandra (A GIRL) in the pool. Yes. True.
2. The boys posing with Naveen doing the skinny "muscle" pose. Yes. True.
3. The gay moments. Oh..that happened thru out the whole trip :)
4. The hottest lookin' people in the trip. Like SoOooo TrueEe. hAha!
The Beach.
Time : 6.49pm.
Level of alcohol dosage : 72%
Amount of alcohol consumed : 4crates. a bottle of Barcadi Apple.
Sunset : Beautiful.
Weather : Magnifying.
Beach : Shit.
The First Nite.
Need I say more? :P
The Morning After.
Hangover Level : Level 3
Hangover Level for William & Jeff : Couldn't tell.
Hangover Level for Jon : None. Sad to say, he was still drunk. So drunk that he lost his phone at the breakfast buffet line. How sad..
(look at him..damn!)
The After Breakfast Game.
Name of Game : Tai Ti. 
Number of players per game : Max 4px
Level of alcohol dosage before the game : 0%
Penalty of the game : Beer bong all the way.
How to beer bong : 
The Fun. The Love. The Pool. The Rest.
guess why is the pool empty? cos its like bloody 2o'clock in the afternoon!
So anyways, it was all good fun. A trip to remember definately. Thank for everything guys. Can't wait for the next trip we'll be spending together. Love you guys so much. And the next, Mich and Marcus MUST be there. No say. Anyways, I'm off. Been doing this stupid post from 4pm till now!It's almost 8 man. Shit. 

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